Silt is a lonely and dazzling underwater journey

Silt is the debut game from Spiral Circus Studio

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Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea, the fear of the ocean. Its depth has become a target of human curiosity and imagination and SilaDebut game Spiral Circus Posted by …………. by Fire GamesThis scenario is based on its premise to ensure a beautiful, surreal and lonely adventure.

In Silt, the player takes on the role of a diver in an underwater abyss, where he heads in search of long-forgotten secrets. It is a game of exploration and puzzle-solving, set in an oceanic – and existential – void that pushes the boundaries of the surreal and Do not be lazy to tell a story: We will never know how he turned out to be a diver, chained, to the ocean floor or what was going on there.

Simple and functional gameplayIn Silt, the player has the ability to “own” sea creatures to solve puzzles and gradually change the environment around him to overcome challenges and move through countless scenarios to the depths of the ocean.

An interesting choice for developers is that the game has no lessons and only teaches basic diving commands. In doing so, Silt encourages and rewards curiosity and creativity to solve most of his puzzles that require attention to the smallest detail of the whimsical hand-painted environment created by Tom Mead.

The game has small tempo problems, but it is a unique experience

The game has small tempo problems, but it is a unique experience

Photo: Disclosure / Fireshine Games

Although there are some difficult – and possibly tiring – sequences – Especially what we can call “boss battles”, puzzles are not difficult. By adapting to the mechanics of possession and the capabilities of each sea creature, solving each scenario becomes very easy.

A detail that breaks the rhythm of the game a bit, but with all the hassle and a relatively short journey lasting about four hours, Silt becomes a contemplative experience. Your beautiful monochrome art This is a place where the game excels and really impresses. According to the developer himself, Limbo, Playdead’s debut game, is a great source of inspiration – and the realization of that is instant.

Silt has a stunning hand-painted environment

Silt has a stunning hand-painted environment

Photo: Disclosure / Fireshine Games

Choking next to the soundtrackIn which the sound of the hero’s breathing is heavy and always obvious, and with a few other sounds we hear from the creatures around us, Silt creates a suffocating atmosphere, a lonely and disturbing atmosphere.

Each of these details seems to have taken hours and hours of dedication and love from the developers, and in these moments we realize the importance and beauty of indie games that try to go beyond the ordinary.


Sila - Quality: 8

Sila – Quality: 8

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Silt’s slow, contemplative rhythm may make it a little tiring, but it’s in the very contemplation of its greatest quality. Silt is not greedy and demanding, but he fulfills his offer brilliantly.

It’s hard to say, it will stay in the memory for a long time if it just feeds the players’s nightmares for a few weeks, but its unique experience is truly incredible.

Silt is available for PCs, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

This review was done with a copy of the Nintendo Switch provided by Fireshine Games.

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