Silent Hill: Konami will hold an event this Wednesday with news on the franchise

Showcase will be presented by the company this Wednesday (19) with news about the franchise

Konami has finally confirmed an event where they will present news about the future of Silent Hill. The company’s official announcement comes after years of rumors and leaks about new titles from one of the gaming industry’s most successful horror titles.

The exhibition will take place on Wednesday (19) at 18:00 Brazilian time. According to Konami, the presentation scheduled for this week will serve to bring “updates on the franchise.”

To get players even more excited for a new title that fans may enjoy, Masahiro Ito, who served as monster designer and art director for the first three Silent Hill games, retweeted Konami’s announcement on his personal Twitter account.

In a tweet posted by Konami, it links to the new Silent Hill website. However, there is no information available, only the ability to fill in data such as location and age.

One of the speculations is that Konami’s little reveal of Silent Hill news in the announcement is that it refers to a teaser for a new title in the franchise. Recently, the South Korean Game Rating Authority A game called Silent Hill: The Short Message has been registered.

Rumors of more news are on the way

Despite all the confirmations and the official Konami side, there are still many rumors surrounding the new release that can be drawn. In addition to the South Korean entry, there’s also the anticipation of a remake of Silent Hill 2 by horror specialist Bloober Team.

This partnership with the company was announced last year. In addition, there are also rumors of a third project that will include a series of episodes that will focus on the story. Christoph Gans, who directed the 2006 film, has announced that he is working on the script for a third Silent Hill film.

New Silent Hill projects have been rumored in the gaming community and industry for years. Fans of the series have been waiting for news since 2013, when Silent Hill: Downpour and the portable spin-off Silent Hill: Book of Memories were released.

However, neither proved to be well received by the public. The expectation is that big names that have previously worked in the franchise will be able to bring the excitement back to Silent Hill fans.

Terror in Silent Hill director says new franchise games are in development

Terror in Silent Hill director says new franchise games are in development
Konami will count on several teams to develop games



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