Silent Hill Creator is tired of the confusion between the game and the produced movies

Masahiro Ito uses his Twitter account to let fans know about concepts and elements in the series

Although not part of Konami for years, Masahiro Ito continues to have a strong love for the work he did creating Silent Hill.. As such, it’s not uncommon for a creator to use their personal Twitter account to clear up some suspicions from fans and confirm some concepts that eventually make it into the movies and other material related to the series.

In a series of messages published on your personal account, Ito explained that in the first PlayStation game, what players see outside is snow. – Not the ashes used in the movie adaptations. Likewise, it provides that The world of Silent Hill is full of fogAnd not the ash from the fire.

The creator of the series also confirms this The fictional town of Silent Hill from the games is not based on Centralia or any real location. Ito also says that the rust used in the games is a result of abuse from the movies and sequels – an element he says should be Depicting Alessia’s mindBut it got spoiled and turned into something meaningless.

Ito says he’s tired of correcting fans

In a notice published on July 19, The creator of Silent Hill says he is tired of explaining the basic elements of his work which is eventually replaced by sequels and adaptations. This is not a new position: in 2021, He even got into a fight with another user who claimed the game was full of ash – which prompted the creator to claim that he knew the truth as he was responsible for the game’s art and design.

Ito also explained that St Silent Hill 2, The scene where the head of the pyramid is seen insulting the mannequins is a form of symbolism. “I wanted to show that the head of the pyramid is trying to get the visions out of James’ mind. This means L-Figure, BHNurse, etc. PH is trying to make you face the facts. It means conflicts in your mind. He is still afraid to face it, so he throws the gun in the closet“- explained the designer.

– Continues after commercial –

At the same time, he admits How this is displayed can be confusing, leading to the most common interpretation, which speaks of James’ possible sexual frustration. During his time at Konami, Masahiro Ito worked directly from the first three chapters of Silent Hillpunctually executed the continuation of the design – his last contribution to the company was in 2018, when He created the appearance of creatures Metal Gear Survive.


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