Silent Hill 2 Remake: images leaked online, according to rumors

If you’re part of the crowd, you’re always on the lookout and looking for news quiet hill, this new wave of rumors will probably warm your heart a lot! After all, a journalist from the VGC website claims to have obtained footage of the remake Silent Hill 2 Which can be done by Bloober Team. Check it out below!

Rumors that Bloober Team will be involved in the brand are not new, as Konami actually partnered with them in the middle of last year. The studio’s own CMO told IGN that they were developing two games for the Japanese giant, Dum Spiro and Black, without giving any more specific information about them.

It seems that Doom Spiro failed to prove commercially viable and was shelved, while Black met a similar end, although the developer was allowed to continue working on it, but now as a “very different project”. Journalist Andrew Marmo from VGC showed this in his tweet?!

For the record, noted insider Dusk Golem posted on the Resetera forum that the images “are real, but they’re nowhere near the final product. They’re part of Bloober’s internal demo that greenlit the game, so it’s actually a concept that Made with no budget, so keep that in mind. Anything that could be leaked, it’s not a representation of what the final game will look like.”

Check out the leaked gallery:

He goes on to explain that “In the winter of 2018, Konami was looking for ideas, and this was one of them that came through. Just look at what it really is: a no-budget test of a concept that was just done. Selling an idea.”

The way is to wait a little longer to see if Konami and Bloober Team reveal any official trailer soon. But what do you say about this rumor? Are you also in the crowd for a new project? Tell us about Voxel Social Networks!

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