Silent Hill 2 fans have fixed a 20-year-old bug in the PC version

The community completely rebuilt the game’s audio streaming engine

Released on PC 20 years ago Silent Hill 2 Always on the platform Had performance issues that were never fixed by Konami. However, the fan community rallied and last weekend finally released a A patch that prevents the game from crashing on machines with multi-core processors.

Adjustments are part of the design Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition and appears in version 2.0 of the community-driven project. Like other adaptations of games originally released for the PlayStation 2, The horror game has always had performance issues on PCWhich only got worse with the release of new hardware.

Version 2.0 Fixes issues with the game’s audio engine, which can cause the game to crash at random times. In addition, it caused a problem Some lines and sound effects started to skipWhich is a sign that something went wrong – before the update, the only way to play Silent Hill 2 without problems was on PC. Configure the BIOS so that only one CPU core is running.

The project wants to make the game playable on current devices

The error was required to be corrected A complete rebuild of the engine responsible for streaming game audio, a process that required a lot of time and dedication. In addition to fixing crashes, version 2.0 of the fan-made project also brings other bug fixes and adjustments that provide better graphical presentation.

The Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition project has been created Aimed at allowing long-time fans of the series to continue enjoying the game, despite the passage of time. Even though Konami re-released the game Silent Hill HD Collection 2012, the version in it is considered bad and Has a few issues that weren’t in the original release.

– Continues after commercial –

Changes and improvements made by the community can be downloaded directly from Github at no cost. The main challenge of using them will be finding a copy of Silent Hill 2 for PCwhich is not currently available by Konami on any digital platform.


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Source: PC Gamer


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