Shades of Roses has a passage that has gone down in history

A native village of evil It caused quite a stir when it came out, and it’s easy to see why. While the second half of the game relies on ideas that aren’t quite as well taken from action-oriented titles, the fact is that the first half offers one of the most memorable experiences in the series’ history.

Therefore it was expected that Shades of rose Hit the nail on the head with most of what it offers. In fact, we can say that the chapter with the participation of the daughter Ethan Winters It’s great all over the world. Especially when DLC takes us back House of Benevento.

The first pass through an already iconic rural setting is perhaps unmatched, but the second is very close. This is because Rose alone has to enter the famous house to solve puzzles without knowing what is in the hallway at our every step. However, when the moment comes when Rose is no longer alone, the situation becomes tense on a surreal level.

Imagine any mannequin like we see in store windows. Suddenly, this cheater starts chasing you, but only when you’re not looking. So, do you have the courage to run without looking back? Or do you have the courage to turn around and face one of the creatures inches from your body?

Doll silhouette.

That’s exactly why Rose stops Casa Benevento. This entire chase section requires the player to keep an eye on a mannequin with long hair to keep the creature from moving. However, just keep your eyes open to hear the approaching step of the generation. It’s great. And it’s terrible.

ᲬᘡᘡᲗᲗᲗᗢ Ტᘢᘢ

As more mannequins appear for us to track down, the game basically tells us, “Now, turn around. You either run without looking back and avoid what appears to be, or you stop and die.”

Honestly, Shadows of Rose is probably the best DLC Capcom has ever released for a Resident Evil game. If you get a chance, play it. The extra chapter is available for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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