Several titles announced for Switch at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase; Check it out

On the 28th, developer Annapurna Interactive did a livestream to showcase its upcoming releases. It’s the studio behind titles like Sayonara Wild Hearts (Switch).

Titled Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2022, the event revealed several games that will be coming to the hybrid console soon. Check:

thirsty suitors

Developed by Outerloop Games, thirsty suitors No release date yet. The game deals with intimate issues such as family pressures, culture and most importantly relationships.

Playing the main role of Jala, the player will have to deal with his parents, ex-boyfriends and restore broken friendships. The title features turn-based combat and skateboarding.


Announced at last year’s Indie World Showcase, hindsight Received Release Date: August 4th. This narrative exploration game spans a woman’s entire life, from birth to present day, as she tries to understand her journey.

Everyday objects function as windows into the past, providing pieces that help the player change their perspective and find perspectives to piece together the puzzle of this story.


Accompanied by his eagle, the archer travels to a mystical island to break the curse. This is the story pathDeveloped by Giant Squid and having a release window of early 2023.

The title features an open world full of mysteries. The settings include misty forests, lush meadows, and snowy tundra where you must hunt down corrupted souls.


Released last year for PC and PlayStation platforms and nominated for a BAFTA, model is a first-person puzzle game that creatively explores perspective. One of the inspirations is the Dutch graphic artist MC Escher and it is planned to launch in early 2023.

All buildings, plants and objects can be tiny and huge at the same time, depending on the perspective. The game explores the scale of everyday problems, turning the smallest problems into sometimes insurmountable obstacles.

Annapurna has a long history of partnership with Nintendo’s hybrid console. All games will arrive digitally on Switch via the eShop.

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