Session: Skate Sim will be released on September 22 for PCs and consoles

The game is available for early access on Xbox and PC.

The game Session: Skate Yes Finally got the release date, the game has been developed Crea-ture Studios And which was announced in 2018 is early access Pracha and no Xbox This isIt will be officially released on September 22 this year. ᲓAdds Xbox One, Xbox Series And Pracha, The game will come too ᲡGame station 4 and PlayStation 5.

Users who pre-purchase the game will have an updated version of the game for free, the game will be available on PC Epic Games Store And Steam. The session will use a game that combines two controller analog sticks that try to convey a feeling similar to real maneuvers.

Early access to the game is currently worth it BRL 49.99 At Steam And Epic gamesAt Epic games The game is worth it BRL 37.49 Until June 16 Megapromotion. At Xbox The game is worth it BRL 92.45 But it is for sale BRL 69.33.

Watch one of the latest trailers with screenshots of the game below.

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See details about the game Session: Skate Yes.

The gameplay is based on the use of two analog sticks on the controller, each of which is one of the skaters’ legs. The company has developed game thinking to provide realistic physics to make the game more immersive for the player.

The game has a learning curve that may be a bit tricky at first, but just like a real skateboarding, a trained player will gain the experience necessary to perform incredible tricks. Session: Skate Yes, The game is a complete lesson for beginners. It is also possible Change your skater To make it stay the way you like it most.

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Check out the latest development updates for the early access version below.

  • The achievements are loaded and ready to use
  • Ragdoll Slams are integrated and have a lot of fun!
  • Physical animation processing
  • Recycling of the transit system by upgrading routes and upgraded bus stations
  • Powerslides fully switches between positions and allows the player to shift weight
  • Interface repair for art and layout
  • All skaters are in 3D production and big news is coming from the public…
  • Full Skater Journey integrated and maintained – 100%
  • Translation started!

You are going to buy Session: Skate Yes? What are your expectations for the final version of the game? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Via: Steam / Crea-ture Studios


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