SEGA may announce a new retro mini console next week

Coming to the long-awaited Dreamcast Mini?

Plans have already been announced SEGA To make better use of its past catalog, they can bear the first fruit as early as next week. The company scored the goal The June 3 show is intended for Japanese audiences In which he promises to reveal a “new project” that seems to be related to the world of technology.

An indication that the novelty is related to the company’s retro games Photo accompanying the event announcement notice. It is possible to see what appears a Cake with chocolate cake in the shape of a Mega Drive controllerOne of the most important consoles in the history of the company.

Another piece of evidence that reinforces the possible announcement of a new mini-console is the confirmation of this Hoyuk Miyazaki And Joske Okunari Will be among the presenters. They were the same employees of the Japanese developer To reveal the existence Mega Drive Mini During the 2019 SEGA Festival.

Okunari leads SEGA retro initiatives

Acts as one of the developer producers, Okunar has dedicated the last 15 years of his career to working on re-running past titles.. In addition to working on the design Mega Drive MiniHe was also in charge of the series SEGA Age 2500 (PS2) and Initiatives SEGA 3D Classics And SEGA Ages On the Nintendo Switch.

While the company’s new project is shrouded in mystery, Okunar’s previous statements indicate that Your team is willing to work with a mini version of Dreamcast. Released in Japan in 1998, the console was the last piece of equipment manufactured by the company before it became a third-party developer.

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In an interview with Famitsu magazine, The producer said in 2020 that he wanted to offer customers equipment with “great world potential”. And it was closer to the format of the Mega Drive Mini. It was SEGA’s latest retro project Game Gear MicroA scaled-down version of his old laptop that fits in the hearts of gamers.


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