Sega is launching a new Speed ​​​​Strats series for Sonic Frontiers

To celebrate the worldwide release of Sonic Frontiers, Sega unveiled a new video series called “Sonic Frontiers Speed ​​​​Strats”, which introduces players to the blue hedgehog’s first open-area adventure, collecting Chaos Emeralds and defeating the evil Dr. Eggman.

Watch the first episode below:

More info on this via Sega:

challenges – Players can participate in various challenges to unlock new map parts, fast travel points and rewards. Unlock your map to help you find guards, cyberspace portals, memory tokens and more! To find the challenge, keep an eye on the red circle with the question mark indicator. Note that some challenges can only be attempted at night, which will be indicated by the moon icon.

cyberloop – Cyberloop can be used to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, create seals, and obtain collectibles. Players can Cyberloop around points with treasure chest icons to unlock memory tokens, portal mechanisms, vault keys, and more. By drawing an infinity symbol with a path of light, Sonic will gain an Infinite Boost meter for a short period of time. Players can also unlock Sonic’s Power Boost by collecting the maximum number of rings they can.

railway launch – Tracks unlocked in challenges can be used as another form of fast travel. To climb the tracks, find one with a steep incline and activate Sonic’s Power Boost to take shortcuts and easily reach higher areas. It’s best to hold the Boost and Jump buttons while climbing.

Kocos Help – When you find a lost coco, take it to a pedigree coco to improve its speed and ring carrying ability. As you level up over time, you can unlock abilities including faster wall climbing, more health against enemies, and the ability to use Power Boost forever without getting the maximum number of rings. Bring the Red Attack Seed and the Blue Defense Seed to Ancestor Coco to receive useful combat upgrades.

drop the dash – For the first time, Sonic Mania’s Drop Dash comes to 3D. Drop Dash is especially useful when trying to climb rocks and mountains, as the sudden burst of speed takes you straight up. You can also use it to turn downhill with ease.

Starfall Event – This special event occurs on random nights, returning enemies and items in all open areas. During this time, a slot machine will appear on the screen, and by collecting pieces of fallen stars, Sonic will be able to use the slot machine as a chance to fish for purple coins.

fast travel – In the Big the Cat fishing game, players can pick up scrolls from Ancestral Koco or Hermit Koco in fishing ponds, allowing them to instantly teleport to the fast travel side of the map. Fully unlocking the map allows you to quickly travel between Cyberspace and the Fishing Spot portals.

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