Sega is investigating Sonic Frontiers performance mode on the Xbox Series S

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There is no execution mode yet.

yours DeclarationJapanese developer Sega has confirmed that it is investigating a execution mode From Sonic Frontiers on Xbox Series S.

According to Sega, the team is studying the possibility of bringing a 60FPS mode to the Xbox Series S version of Sonic Frontiers, which was released yesterday and only includes one performance mode. 30 FPS🇧🇷 Owners of Microsoft’s smaller console version have claimed that the game is “fast and smooth to play” and that the performance mode makes “all the difference”.

Unfortunately, Sega hasn’t given a timeline for when this will happen, and in the meantime, only the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have a 60FPS performance mode. It should be noted that several Xbox Series S games received performance modes months after their releaseLike Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2. Check out:

🇧🇷We’re looking at a possible performance mode on the Xbox Series S, the team is looking into it, we’ve seen some people ask about it. So as soon as I get more information I will let you all know.🇧🇷

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