SEGA is betting on a new wave of remakes and remasters for next year

The company will bring 13 games to stores by the end of March 2023.

Like other gaming companies, SEGA this week released its financial statements for fiscal year 2021 (completed March 31). The company said it has seen growing profits on consoles and computers, leading to a Strengthen investment in the gaming segmentWhich should cause More remaster and remake of their intellectual qualities.

According to Sega Sammy (the company that controls SEGA), Scheduled titles may also include spin-offs of popular series or themed returns. The company claims it only sold out last fiscal year 4 million games that fit into this categoryIncluding names such as Sonic Colors Ultimate And Missing sentence (Yakuza Series Spin-Off).

The company expects for the next fiscal year (ended March 31, 2023) Release at least 13 games with different features. By this time five of them are already known: Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Origins, Soul hackers 2, Two-point campus And the Nintendo Switch version 13 Sentinel: Egis Rim.

SEGA is making big investments in the gaming world

During the fiscal report, the company also revealed that it intends to invest 100 billion yen (Approx $ 775 million) To strengthen its position in the global gaming market by 2026. According to him, his territory “Entertainment Content Business“It’s what a Greater growth potential for years to come.

SEGA expects the next fiscal year to close at least 13 million units of your games have been sold – 5 million associated with remakes, remasters and spin-off initiatives. The company is also going to Invest in the “Super Games” initiativeWhich promises to unite its most renowned franchises for the latest technologies such as NFTs This is Metavers.

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For SEGA, the future of gaming is in the NFTs and the cloud

For SEGA, the future of gaming is in the NFTs and the cloud
The company wants to use the latest technologies in its new super games initiative

Among the company-owned franchises that need to be addressed is this Persona series, Which celebrates its 25th anniversary. There is also information that Creative Assembly works on mysterious FPS And reports that Series like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio might be back For some reason in the near future.


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