SEGA and Higround released Sonic and Dreamcast keyboards

The niche brand’s new collection also features t-shirts, mouse pads and a tote bag inspired by Sonic Adventures 1 and 2.

Design studio Higround revealed last Thursday (28) that it is working in partnership with SEGA Create new devices inspired by their franchises. Initially, the merger between the companies will yield several accessories, including Three keyboard models – with two inspired series vowel And with one look that imitates me DreamcastThe console was released in 1998 in Japan.

According to the companies, customers will also be able to buyTwo themed mice, Two styles of custom keys (65% and full size), Three shirts, bag This is a set of pants. The forecast is that all products will start selling August 5 via Higround’s official websiteat prices that have yet to be revealed.

The most distinctive element in the line of licensed products is the keyboard it brings The visuals are very different from what we are used to in the gaming market. One of them, for example, depicts an icon Green Hill Zone Sonic, featuring illustrations that completely eliminate any keystrokes.

Higround delivers to Brazil

Another model is inspired Sonic adventure 2to bring Sonic and Shadow split the front half in twol — Characters are accompanied by character icons such as Tails, Puppies, and Amy Rose. The most common model is the Dreamcast-inspired one, which a An illustration of the console and buttons inspired by the color system adopted by the platform.

The same keyboard look is incorporated into the mouse pads designed by Higround, while Themed t-shirts and tote bags will feature illustrations of characters such as Sonic, Shadow and Chaos from the adventure series.. The manufacturer promises that all products will have a premium finish and advanced features – for example, the keyboard allows quick replacement of circuit boards and is compatible with custom switches.

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As with other company releases, The Sonic Collection will be offered as a “drop” that will have access for a limited time — Depending on the history of previous products, the offer should not exceed 15 minutes. You can register on the company’s official website to get information about the availability of products, which, although sold in US dollars, are Officially sent to Brazil.


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