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The PS Plus Extra catalog is extensive and has hundreds of games. In the midst of so many interesting proposals, how to let the team MeuPlayStation Here are some games you can explore?

Each team member has offered a game to our audience as part of the PlayStation service. The names mentioned are part of the Extra level, the category we see you commenting on and participating in the most, whether on social media or here on the website itself.

We leave a brief explanation for each PS Plus Extra nomination, so you can understand why the games appear on the list. Don’t be surprised if some very popular games don’t appear, as our readers have probably already ventured into them.

MyPS instructions for PS Plus Extra level

Monopoly Plus – Vinicius Paraboa, editor of MeuPS

For those who spent their afternoons playing Monopoly with their friends on the board, Monopoly Plus is the right choice to relive that time. With the Extra plan, it’s easy to gather more than four friends for games full of real estate deals, arguments to trick your opponents into making questionable decisions, and of course, enjoy your winnings by counting your virtual (and fictional) money bills.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Andre Custodio, editor of MeuPS

It’s a “basic” turn-based RPG based on team building. In total, six characters can be combined – each with different abilities, weapons and perks. The THQ game has a huge variety of enemies, highly strategic gameplay, great voice acting and beautiful visuals. Although relatively easy, the bosses offer challenging battles.

tramp – Valdecir Emboava, editor of MeuPS

Stray is easily one of the biggest surprises of 2022. Here, players must brave the futuristic metropolis, control Puss and his companion, connect with other robots, deal with threats and solve an age-old mystery. An exciting adventure with a truly immersive story. “Kitten Game” is worth your time.

metro exit – Tatiane Ines, MeuPS Operations Manager

Metro Exodus, despite coming from an already consolidated franchise, may not be very popular, but it’s packed for those looking for a good story full of action!

Chicory: a colorful tale – Rafael Batista, Community Director MeuPS

This is a relaxing game and great for those tiring days. The puzzles are simple and the mechanics of using the paint colors are a lot of fun. With a story about how we push ourselves to be too perfect, the game shows that we all have our limitations and they are part of who we are. You can easily recharge it in 8 hours.

Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns – Murillo Moraes, responsible for links My discounts

Their premise is very simple, you are a king or queen arriving in a new country. The goal is to build your kingdom and protect yourself from the animals that come in the night. The movements and actions are very simple… walking from side to side, running from side to side. All your actions are based on how you invest your coins – and what stands out the most is the art direction.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection – Jose de Lima, Artistic Director of MeuPS

These remasters are the perfect gateway to start your Animus journey. To this day, the Ezio trilogy is considered the golden age of the franchise and contains some of the most iconic moments in the history of the franchise. A full plate for those who love good narratives, stealth and a very charismatic hero.

Warhammer: ChaosbaneFelipe Cesar, MeuPS Social Media

The game is an RPG with several classes and even a very fun story. Most are local co-op, so playing with someone is a lot more fun.

hollow knight Jean Azevedo, editor of MeuPS

If you’re looking for a game to keep you engaged for hours and hours, Hollow Knight is it. Many must have heard and probably played, but it is worth leaving a reference. In addition to a very good soundtrack, the gameplay and exploration offer quality immersion. Perhaps the sentence is sometimes too difficult, but it is worth trying to close it.

Did you enjoy the PS Plus Extra catalog references? Comments are yours. Feel free to suggest more games to other readers.

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