See Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie’s Supers Street Fighter 6; Paris details, lone player and more

Summer Game Fest 2022 has a physical zone where the press and influencers can try out some of the games that will be released in the future. between them is Street Fighter 6.

First, according to Simple alliesSingle player mode Street Fighter 6 It will also serve as a tutorial, explaining the basics and mechanics.

All Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke and Jamie’s Supers

Unlike recent games Street Fighter, SF6 Includes three super for each character. At the bottom of the screen is a separate gauge for both fighters, and this gauge has four levels.

Players can use their Level 1 supers when they have a full lane of this gauge, or they can wait until they have two or more levels to get to level 2. Reach three and beyond.

There are actually two versions for each character level 3, the second of which becomes their “critical art” when their health is below 25%.

If the Super Meter is filled to level 3 and the character’s health deteriorates enough, “3” will turn into “AC” and its blunt version of Level 3 will occur during its performance.

Drive system

It seems that almost every interaction has some effect on the Drive meter and ending up in a state of fatigue caused by using all of this is extremely punishable.

Players start matches with a full 6-bar Drive Meter and can spend various amounts to execute EX attacks, Drive Reversals, Parries, Drive Impact and Drive Rush canceled. Blocking incoming attacks will also deplete your unit counter, though you will get it when your opponent blocks your attacks.

An opponent’s kick when starting or recovering from their moves also complements and spoils the movement meter, as does a super hit or kick.

Most of the interaction affects the Drive counter and its complete exhaustion puts you in a world of pain where your character loses access to all the mechanisms of the Drive, experiences slow motion speeds, is vulnerable stunned (by hitting the Drive Impact wall) and can be Knock through “chip damage” with special moves.

After exhaustion, players have to wait for the meter to fill up and it feels like it takes a long time (maybe 20 seconds). This process can be accelerated by successful shots as well as getting damage.


Რ as Street Fighter III third hit, It looks like Paris is going through the first shot. You can do this as soon as you get off the ground, for example, to avoid hitting your opponent as soon as he recovers.

Also, hitting Paris in the first shot causes an effect that allows you to confront (unless it is a shell).

This is a big difference from what we have seen Street Fighter VBecause the pairs had boot frames, and that means the mechanics would be more useful, it’s not the way we saw it The third blow.

Paris animation in Street Fighter 6 Has recovery frames and as in Street Fighter 5A shot during the recovery window will have additional results.

Not only will you spend a precious drive meter trying to spoil it, but after a penalty your meter will run out and pass to your opponent.

In case you missed it, the game will have cross-play and netcode back, we had the Guile trailer and the jokes seem to be specific. Street Fighter 6 Released in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox series and PCs.

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