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The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog. Videos are from the IGN website.

Saints Row is a game full of crime and extreme moments. And Co-op is an important part of how we expand the experience and allow players to experience different ways to create chaos in the city of Santo Iles. Here are my 5 favorite Saints Row co-op moments:

Fighting with friends is better

Saints Row is a game that gives players a huge selection of weapons and abilities. There’s no better time to try out the weirdest options the game has to offer than with a friend. Take cover with an assault weapon while your friend fires a Thrustbuster at enemies to knock them into the air.

Funny creations in semi-serious situations

Customization has always been an important part of Saints Row, and one of the reasons is the co-op experience. There’s nothing quite like seeing your friends’ absurd creations pop up while you’re having serious conversations with NPCs. If you’re like me, you’ll do even more and create even more absurd things.

Break into a palace party in a glider suit

There’s a point during the campaign where, after saving one of your friends from being captured, you and your partner have to crash a party wearing a glider suit. This is the moment the two fly through the skies of Santo Ileso and get caught up in a chaotic rave that takes place in a palace in the hills.


In Saints Row, we’ve added a new option that allows players to cheer each other on while playing. Complete several challenges to fill your bar and use it as your companion’s mailbox, toilet, trash can, etc. We’ve made these forms fully integrated into the game, so you’ll be able to see the character both in-game and on stage.

You can go further with a friend

Co-op allows players to split themselves into roles to face different situations. An example of this is when you try to steal an armored car with a giant magnet attached to a helicopter. It is difficult to align the magnet with the truck before the enemies attack you; Here the player can help by capturing enemies to give you a better chance to complete the activity. As the challenges in the game increase, calling a friend for help will be much easier.

There’s plenty more to show when the game launches on August 23rd. We can’t wait for you and your friends to play the biggest and best Saints Row ever!

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