See Bayonetta 3 running in 4K at 60 FPS via emulator

The videos show the newly released game with better graphics than the Nintendo Switch

Available for Nintendo Switch, Bayonetta 3 can also be played on PC if players choose to emulate the title on PC. This opportunity has forced content creators to give a completely different look to the game developed by PlatinumGames and manage to create a completely different experience with much better graphics.

The game runs at dynamic 810p when docked on a platform and dynamic 480p when in handheld mode

The three videos take the game even further and allow players to experience the game in a virtually new way. That’s because they’re showing Bayonetta 3 running at 4K resolution and 60fps.. This is a pretty significant change for a PlatinumGames game considering what it can currently run on the Switch.

A significant change from launch

Digital Foundry revealed that the game runs at a dynamic 810p when docked on a platform and a dynamic 480p when in handheld mode. Bayonetta 3’s frame rate also ends up not doing the best it could. This is because the Switch can’t always run 60fps.

Although the change was successfully implemented in the game, the scenes are locked at 30 frames per second. Thus, although the game developers gave it a slightly more modern look during gameplay, they ultimately failed to replicate the same in specific scenes – which shows a noticeable difference between the original and the modified.

One of the interesting things is that Bayonetta 3 just came out. The title arrived for Nintendo’s portable console last week on October 28th. However, it has already been the target of changes by content creators who tried to make it more beautiful than what PlatinumGames originally offered to players.

Recently, a similar action was taken with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Known as one of the great games in the franchise, it received a completely revamped graphics. That’s because they managed to make the Nintendo Switch game originally released for the Wii-U run on the latest NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU and added Ray Tracing to give the game even more realism.

See Legend of Zelda BOTW running at 8K on RTX 4090 with active ray tracing
The Youtuber used powerful components to be able to run the game this way


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