See a never-before-seen Hearthstone: Rise of the Lich King card

Thassarian is the newest legendary death knight, a new class in the card game

The Rise of the Lich King expansion arrives on December 6th in Hearthstone

Photo: Play / Blizzard Entertainment

Latest extension hearth stone, Rise of the Lich KingLaunching worldwide on December 6th, Hydra is the final card game of the year. Snowstorm. The main thing is the new playable class, Death Knightwho keeps coming to the game, commanding his army of the dead in search of victory.

Strong and agile, the Death Knight is powered by three types of runes: blood, ice, and unholy. These runes determine the types of cards that can be used in the construction of each class deck, and Thasarian is the latest in the legendary ice runes.

Thasarian is the latest legendary death knight

Thasarian is the latest legendary death knight

Photo: Play / Blizzard Entertainment

Frost Rune has great burst power, and its cards often synergize with spells, direct damage, card draw, and mana manipulation. The first Death Knight to join the Alliance and a loyal follower of Arthas, Thasarian is a great card for direct damage and has three keywords: Reborn, Battlecry, and Deathrattle.

As such, Thasarian can deal two damage to a random enemy upon entering the field, the first time it dies and the second time it dies. That is, if not silenced, the legendary card guarantees at least direct damage to the opponent or their minions, is a powerful tool to clear the table and control or even end the game.

Also, keep in mind that the new expansion should have some cards that will bring back dead allies, further increasing Thasarian’s damage potential.

Rise of the Lich King

The Rise of the Lich King expansion follows Arthas Menethil’s journey to become the Lich King, a notorious Warcraft villain. The expansion contains 203 new cards, 68 of which are new classes – 32 are free and included in the Essential Set, unlocked after the player completes the Death Knight Prologue.

In addition to the new class, the expansion brings several other innovations. These include a new feature called Corpses, a new minion type, Undead, and a new keyword Mana Thirst, which makes the card stronger when the player reaches a certain amount of mana, even without spending that amount to power up the card. . With all these elements, players will have access to the most diverse strategies and decks in Hearthstone history.

A free-to-play game, Hearthstone is available for PC and Android and iOS devices. The Rise of the Lich King expansion is now available for pre-purchase here.

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