Season Pass in Fall Guys will bring great benefits to those who have already lost for the first time

More persistent players receive disproportionate rewards

Recently, with the changes that Fall Guys made to the game’s transition to free play, players have noticed that Whoever loses the first match gets a big benefit for the Season Pass Compared to others, or even in proportion. Players can deliberately lose from the beginning, just to demand items.

Photo: Reddit – r / FallGuysGame (reproduction)

As we can see in the picture above, it is clear that whoever advances in the game gets more rewards in Fame (which is similar to XP in Fall Guys), but in every game you win, Minus extra popularity You won. For example, if you lose in the first round you will get 24 points, but if you go ahead and lose in the second, you will only get 16 points.

This way a lot of players Can take advantage of this by simply opening the match and deliberately losing the first time and then repeating the process.Because of this the player progresses faster in the Season Pass elements available in the game.

Fall Guys is coming to Switch and Xbox and will be free for everyone from June 21st

Fall Guys is coming to Switch and Xbox and will be free for everyone from June 21st
In addition to the game being free, the game will be fully cross-play and with overall progression.

This issue was noticed by Fall Guys players and reported by the Polygon website. In addition, the developer has also significantly reduced the value of the crown for the game, which will no longer be a currency function to purchase items. It can also be an obstacle for the player to go through all the obstacles at all stages and win the match.

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Fall Guys as a free game was a big release for Mediatonic and it looks like the game has gained a new player base as well as new platforms. Despite this, Similar issues still need to be resolved to make the in-game experience and rewards more reasonable for users.

Fall Guys is available for free on all platforms: PC Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and even Nintendo Switch. You can check if your computer can handle Fall Guys by checking out our tests:


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Source: Polygon


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