Screenshots of graphic settings have been leaked to Returnal and Sackboy PCs

Games will have ray tracing on PC

Sony held the State of Play event yesterday and among the many exciting announcements we had for Spider-Man PC. Now new Leak reveals graphic installation screen and keyboard and mouse control screen installation images for Returnal and Sackboy games. The leak appeared yesterday just hours before Sony’s event.

Returnal’s graphical installation screen shows that the game will have Effects of shadow and light by tracking rays. Other options are default, such as texture quality, particle size, anti-aliasing and more. The game will have a resolution scaling option, but not yet NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR.

Returnal settings are very welcome to show a preview of changes to the game as well as a display of the weight that the given configuration will have on the CPU, GPU and VRAM. In the case of Sackboy, the game will have common graphic options, other than shadows, through tracing the rays.

The games already had the previous instructions for the computer versions

A few weeks ago hints appeared on the internet that Returnal was going on PC. More specifically information about the Steam database. Before Returnal Sackboy appeared on SteamDB in October last year.

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Among the games that have already been released for the PC and others confirmed, such as Spider-Man and Uncharted 4, the math still remains that Sony has released more than three years of PC titles for the PlayStation only.

Sackboy: Big Adventure will fit into this building by the end of next year, while Returnal would take even longer and arrive there in mid-2024. In addition to speculation, wait and see.

While it was one of the most sought after games in the world, Spider-Man’s revelation for the PC was a big surprise, especially when there are hints of other titles like the two mentioned here. Sony still remains pretty quiet about Bloodborne, one of the most in-demand PC games, and which was previously rumored that the PS5 and PC versions were already on the way.


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