Satisfying Update 6 arrives today with early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Coffee Stain Studios has announced that the satisfying Factory Building Simulator Update 6 has arrived in Early Access. The 6th update focuses on world exploration and combat, bringing players four gear slots and plenty of weapons, featuring a trading system, visual overhaul and world expansion, as well as a new map marker system on the map. Unlocks from the first level and a special new boombox with music tapes to discover and play in the game.

Update 6 is a big step towards 1.0. A lot of improvements have been made to the code, but there are also some cool things you should know:

Hello my little friend

Pioneers will see a completely improved weapon experience in Update 6, with the arrival of nine new ammo types for the Rebar Gun, Nobelisk Detonator, and Rifle. This explosive range introduces new options to existing weapons. These include the deadly, launchable Shatter Rebar shards, bullets for the rifle that lock on to its targets, and the Nobelisk cluster, which launches multiple explosions over a large area. To get a feel for this new ammo, early adopters can take advantage of the new ammo swap system to easily swap out the firepower of their choice. Additionally, Update 6 allows players to mix and match their body gear, with four slots for head, back, body, and legs.

Please don’t stop the music

Update 6 also offers an alternative to the smooth, ambient sounds of construction and assembly line with the new Boombox available in-game. Employees of FICSIT Inc. Able to customize the greatest hits, tapes scattered throughout the game that can be found are also available for purchase from the awesome store. These tapes feature special guests from Coffee Stain’s Multiverse.

In another interesting and unnecessary feature, those who want to get rid of uninvited guests can use the Turbo Bass function to avoid annoying visitors.

New horizons to explore

The world is seeing big changes in this update with the addition of a brand new Spire Coast. It is a difficult terrain, with tropical cliff slopes, islands and coral reefs with valuable oil resources. Visual overhauls are also plentiful, with the swamp vegetation and atmosphere reworked to make it more eerie, and the sky with new dynamic clouds and planets available on distant horizons, along with night changes that show distant stars, nebulae and spirals. Galaxy.

x marks the location

The map is now unlocked at level 1 and has received several updates, including a new Map Marker system. Markers will replace flags and badges are now available to mark points of interest. The radar tower has also been updated, highlighting resource locations and potential exploration rewards in the world.

Satisfactory update 6

Creature Resources and more!

The creature’s AI system sees improvements across the board, with behavioral updates. In addition, the range of spitters has been expanded to include a total of six spitters, one large and one small for the desert, tropical, and forest biomes. These Spitters have had additional behavioral upgrades, with larger variants equipped with new attacks.

Also part of Update 6 is MAM refinements, with new layouts and search tree search options. Some of the research has moved on to different trees, and the basic alternative turbo fuel, compressed coal and polyester fabric recipes are now available in MAM. New parts have also been added for Pioneer Research, including the Alien Protein, Organic Data Capsule, and an update to Black Powder with the new Smokeless Powder.

Satisfying Update 6 is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store in early access.

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