Samsung’s new monitors include quick access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia and more

New monitor models with Gaming Hub are Samsung G65B and Samsung G70B

THE Samsung took advantage of Gamescom 2022 to announce two new gaming monitor models odyssey that he will have Gaming Hub from the company. The feature will allow quick access to various game streaming applications without the need to connect any additional devices to the monitor.

Users will be able to easily access applications such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, TwitchGoogle Stadia (not available in Brazil) and others that will allow gamers to have easy access to games even without a console or PC. And we We’ve already posted a demo here on Adrenaline using Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

There are two new monitors Samsung Odyssey G70B (G7) This is Samsung Odyssey G65 (G6)which will be released in versions 27 and 32 inches. Although not much information is known about the new models, we already know that G65B It is equipped with a curved screen (1000R). 1440p resolution and 240 Hz refresh ratebut G70B Bring the screen IPS with 4K resolution and refresh rate up to 144 Hz. Both models have it Answer 1 ms GtG.

The Odyssey Ark is a 55-inch 165Hz 4K TV monitor from Samsung for $3,500.

Samsung’s new monitors have features found on Smart TVs

Apart from being able to access game apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna (not available in Brazil), Twitch And more, the new monitors will also have access to different features smart which can already be found in the main televisions of the company.

It will be possible, for example, to access major streaming applications such as Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video among many others. Users will also be able to mirror their smartphone, including using features such as Samsung Dex from own models Samsungwhich create a kind of personal workspace.

What do you think of the new monitors in the line of gamers? Samsung that they arrive together Gaming Hub Is it included in the system itself? Which of the models did you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Samsung launches Odyssey G32 and G40 monitors in Brazil: prices from R$ 1959

TV that doesn't need video games!  We tested the Samsung Gaming Hub

TV that doesn’t need video games! We tested the Samsung Gaming Hub
The update brings Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now directly to your TV


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