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At an event this Thursday (22), Samsung confirmed the availability of its new entry-level TVs in Brazil. The BU8000 comes in the Crystal UHD series, while the Q60B, Q65B and Q80B belong to the QLED line. The devices have image expansion up to 4K resolution and technology privileged by colors and contrast. New for 2022 models is Gaming Hub, for streaming games via the cloud.

Samsung Crystal UHD TV (Image: Guide / Samsung)

Crystal UHD BU8000

With a slim design of only 2.5 cm thick, this option can attract attention with its style. However, it has some interesting features.

The processor is once again the Crystal 4K featured in the previous model, which promises to convert any video image into 4K. In practice, this happens with good results and others not so much. Because scaling is not an easy thing, it always guarantees the best quality.

Speaking of the panel, the refresh rate has been kept at 60 Hz.

The TV uses Virtual Motion Sound technology, which is satisfactory, especially for those who do not use a sound bar at home. The same compatibility with virtual assistants, except that three HDMI 2.0 and two USB inputs are guaranteed. The composite cable option (AV) has been completely removed from this device.

In fact, if you already own the 2021 version of these TVs, then there isn’t much reason to upgrade. in terms of size, BU8000 We offer 43, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 85 inches.

BU8000 (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)
BU8000 (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)

The 2022 QLED 4K models are the Q80B, Q65B and Q60B

The three variants featured feature QLED technology, an improved form of LCD. Image size and quality are the main differences between them.

starting with Q60BIt has an LCD panel with a 60Hz refresh rate. Nothing unusual, of course. The Quantum Lite 4K processor is attractive because it can upscale various images to 4K. In terms of audio, Virtual Motion Sound technology promises sound in constant motion thanks to speakers spread across the screen.

Connectivity with virtual assistants such as Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistant is already present in previous models, but still deserves attention on this TV. The device has three HDMI inputs, two USB and one Ethernet. Available options are 50, 55 and 65 inches.

TV Q60B (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)
TV Q60B (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)

The Q80B comes in 50-, 55- and 65-inch options. Its differential is 120 Hz refresh rate, Dolby Atmos audio and Direct Full Array technology. It adjusts the brightness of each scene, promising dark tones that enhance contrast.

The Q65B is not much different from the Q60B. In addition to having more alternatives in terms of size, adding 60 and 70 inches, this version is certified HDR10+ adaptive. It’s worth noting that the Q60B only offers basic HDR support.

TVs don’t need Xbox for gaming

The big differential of Samsung’s new gateway models is the so-called Gaming Hub. With the feature, gamers can access game streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming without needing a console.

Simply log into your subscription to the online platform, connect the controller via Bluetooth, and start any title in the library. Of course, a stable Internet connection is necessary, but the novelty is nice.

Anyone who is a more casual gamer who doesn’t demand the best frame rates or doesn’t notice a difference in controls can have a lot of fun with this option. A way to enjoy the tracks Forza Horizon 5 Without having to buy the Xbox series, there is a significant attraction.

Prices of Samsung Crystal UHD and QLED 4K TVs

The new devices can already be sold in Brazil. The values ​​offered by the South Korean company are:

  • 43″ BU8000: R$ 2599;
  • 50″ BU8000: R$ 3199;
  • 55″ BU8000: R$ 3599;
  • 60″ BU8000: R$ 4299;
  • 65″ BU8000: R$ 4699;
  • 75″ BU8000: R$ 6799;
  • 50″ Q60B: BRL 3,699;
  • 55″ Q60B: BRL 4,099;
  • 65″ Q60B: R$ 5499;
  • 50″ Q60B: BRL 3,699;
  • 55″ Q80B: 5499 R$.

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