Samsung’s 2021 TVs will be accompanied by Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce

The feature will be available by the end of the year

Cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular. The feature has already arrived on modern Samsung TVs and is now a manufacturer Making sure Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now work on your 2021 Smart TVs.

While the feature works on new TVs via the Samsung Gaming Hub, you’ll need to download the Xbox Cloud Gaming app and GeForce Now from the Samsung Store to play in the cloud on the company’s last year’s smart TVs.

The news will start with GeForce Now becoming available on Samsung Smart TVs launched in 2021 starting next week. Xbox Cloud Gaming and Amazon Luna (Amazon’s cloud gaming service) will arrive on the Korean manufacturer’s TVs before the end of the year.

2021 Samsung Smart TVs to Get Cloud Gaming

  • QN800
  • QN850
  • QN900
  • WS1A
  • QN700
  • LS03A
  • AU7000
  • AU8000
  • AU9000
  • Q50
  • Q60
  • Q95-Q70

“When the Samsung Gaming Hub arrived on 2022 TV models earlier this year, the number one question we got was ‘When will cloud gaming come to my 2021 TV?'” They’ll be able to play the games they love before the end of the year. ” said Mike Lucero, head of Samsung’s gaming division (via The Verge ).

In the case of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft is working on a Rumble feature for Xbox app controllers on 2021 and 2022 Samsung TVs. with control vibration in the cloud,” said Ashley McKissick, CVP of Gaming Experiences at Microsoft.

“Grab your favorite Bluetooth controller, like the Xbox Wireless controller and PlayStation DualSense, and start playing,” adds McKissick.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming had reached 20 million users. The company had plans for an Xbox console that focused solely on cloud gaming, but it was scrapped due to its high costs.

TV that doesn't need video games!  We tested the Samsung Gaming HUB

TV that doesn’t need video games! We tested the Samsung Gaming HUB
The update brings Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now right to your TV


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