Samsung launched the Odyssey Ark monitor in Brazil for R$21,499

The model with a 55-inch Quantum Mini-LED screen promises a stunning gaming experience

Samsung announced at the press conference held at the 2022 Brasil Game Show Arrival of monitor Odyssey Ark in Brazil. The product was unveiled by the company at CES 2022 and will eventually reach the hands of national consumers.

with 55 inch Quantum Mini LED screenArk Odyssey promises an amazing gaming experience, but the price won’t fit anyone’s pocket: The suggested price at launch is BRL 21,499.

Buy the Samsung Odyssey Ark Monitor at KaBuM!

Odyssey Ark will be the monitor Pre-sale from 6 to 31 October At stores like KaBuM! Whoever buys a monitor during this period also wins a gamer set, which consists of a mouse, mousepad, keyboard and headset. Items can be redeemed later from November 1 to December 15 on Samsung’s website.

The Odyssey Ark monitor promises the best imaging experience

The Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor is the first 1000R Curved Gaming Smart Screen in the world. The 55-inch Quantum Mini-LED display is designed to curve the user’s field of view, providing not only excellent picture quality, but also a perfect sound experience. Sound Dome technology.

they are Four corner speakers and two center woofersresulting in a 60W 2.2.2 channel.

It has a display 165Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time and FreeSync Premium technology. 14-bit lighting allows detailed HDR control and Contrast is 1,000,000:1.

Another new addition to the Odyssey Ark is a solar powered controller. The Ark Dial puts the player in full control of the monitor, allowing quick and easy access to a variety of Ark features, including Flex Move on the screen, which allows you to resize the screen, move the screen position, and adjust. ratio (16:9 > 21:9 > 32:9); Multi View, to access up to 4 contents on the same screen; quick settings; and the game bar to check and control game settings.

Buy the Samsung Odyssey Ark Monitor at KaBuM!

“This is one of Samsung’s best releases of the year. And especially for the Brazilian consumer, who, in addition to being very demanding, is also attentive to the countless details that we have integrated into this monitor, such as, for example, a high-resolution image presented in a curved format, premium image quality, impressive sound and a flexible interface,” notes Marina. Korea, Monitors Manager at Samsung Brazil.

“The gaming community is extremely important to us, mainly because it challenges us to develop more and more innovations, we believe that Odyssey Ark will be a game changer for the next level of this industry,” concluded the executive.



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