Sales of the Xbox Series S first surpassed those of the PS5 in Japan

The Microsoft console has not surpassed the PlayStation since 2014

For several years now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been taking steps to close the gap between its PlayStation and Nintendo consoles in Japan. According to a Famitsu survey, The Xbox Series S sold 6,120 units, compared to 2,693 for the two PS5 releases.Digital and standard. 8 years ago the Xbox did not beat the PlayStation in Japan.

The numbers refer to the period of 9 and 15 May. The Xbox Series X did not go that far, it just did 105 units Sold. One week before the current data (May 2-8) The PlayStation 5 sold 49,798 units, while the Xbox Series S sold only 10 unitsReported by VGC Website. In the same week, Xbox Series X sold 3508 units.

This discrepancy in the numbers makes us think that The console supply has not yet returned to normal, Since it makes no sense to sell 10 consoles and thousands of them next week. The same goes for the PlayStation 5, which came out in a week and sold almost 50,000 units and less than 3,000 days.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s best-selling console in Japan

For whatever reason, this is a historic milestone for the Xbox platform, more specifically in the current generation. according to GameData LibraryThis is not the first time the Xbox brand has surpassed the PlayStation in Japan, though it was 10 times less since the Xbox first hit the market.

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However, this is the first time the Microsoft console has surpassed the PlayStation since the release of the Xbox One in 2014. On the whole, The Xbox only sold 2.3 million units in Japan And reached more than half of that number Xbox 360 with 1,616,128 units For sale there. Each generation sold the following:

  • Xbox – 472,992
  • Xbox 360 – 1,616,128
  • Xbox One – 114,831
  • Xbox Series X / S – 142,024

Although the PlayStation has historically dominated sales in Japan, the Sony console has met the Nintendo Switch phenomenon, which topped the console sales even though it was released in 2017.


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Via: VGC Source: Famitsu


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