Saints Row: Worth it?

This is not a copy of GTA V This is not a copy of GTA V This is not a copy of GTA V. Well, maybe a little, but the new Saints Row goes beyond that. More than the pressure to be like a game that sold over 165 million copies, it’s responsible for being overload A series that started well but has suffered over the last decade.

and as the saying goes Insanity is expecting different results while doing the same thing. So don’t think that this game is a continuation of the old games, or just an updated version of the 2006 title for new generation consoles. This is something completely new. A new beginning of the saga. 3rd Street Saints Leave, Saints Enter. Saints Row in Santo Ileso, Stillwater.

Forget the vibrators that shoot and the craziness of previous games in the franchise. Things are more “real” now. as far as possible. It’s an open-world experience in a giant world, full of things to do, following a gang of young people tired of life, whether from their regular jobs or other criminal gangs, who have banded together to control the city.

works? Will Volition’s bet pay off? You’ll find out this Tuesday (23) when the game hits the market. And if you want to know what MeuPlayStation If you liked the game, just keep reading.

All saints help!

Santo Ileso is a huge city. Clearly inspired by the southern region of California in the United States, it has deserts, lakes, casinos, bars, and a series of attractions. It’s a mix of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas… whatever.

Welcome to Santo Iles, the city of Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

The space is shared by gangs like Los Panteros, more traditionally set up with their cars and guns, and the Idols, all with a high-tech anarchist feel, except for the Marshall, a military force used to protect the area. The main character is fully customizable and the tool used for customization is quite extensive, from physical characteristics to clothing and accessories.

Its hero (or protagonist) works at Marshall and has a friend in each gang: Neena, the driver for the Panthers, and Kevin, the DJ for the idols. Eli, the gang’s stubborn sidekick, joins them. At least at first. The cool thing is that they complement each other. You are a killing machine. Neena the escape pilot, Kevin the contacts guy and Eli the business side.

This is your streetcar in Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
This is your streetcar in Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

And the beginning is meeting people, exploring the place and understanding everything that is happening. After a series of events, with everyone involved, they come together to form a group that will name the game: The Saints. This is where the fun begins – and the background that appears at the beginning of the game is what you will hear as you play.

There is only one goal: to control the city.

And for that there is an infinity of missions – starting with the basic ones side eggs (some of which, as it has become routine, are mandatory), except for collectibles and events. As you progress, you’ll also unlock a Coop mode – either with a ‘car’ controlled by a gang member or online. The experience is intense and fun.

Cars can also be customized in Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Cars can also be customized in Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

It’s hours and hours of exploration in a huge world, divided into countries dominated by enemies and full of activities. It might just have a few mini-games that would be very handy. There are basketball courts on set, so why not shoot the ball? Or gambling in casinos, drinking in bars, etc. There are so many missions, there is little to do in your spare time – except what is already predetermined.


All this background comes to life with incredible environments and gameplay that deserves to be praised. The variety of missions, weapons and vehicles, the cool story, the great soundtrack would be useless… if the gameplay wasn’t enjoyable, right? Well, Saints Row is pretty much right in that aspect. In battle or quest.

Flying to Santo Iles is incredible on Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Flying to Santo Iles is incredible on Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

are you having problems Holy. The vehicle physics are kind of crazy – you can knock a truck over by side-slamming it with a motorcycle, for example. There are still some bugs, character crashes, graphics loading incorrectly, etc. But nothing out of the ordinary in big open world games – we saw similar things in Red Dead Redemption II, GTA V, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

Combat flows very well, with a variety of weapons and crafting options takeaways which creates great animations. Driving around with cars is also cool, especially when you unlock more advanced and different ones. And the soundtrack that fills these moments is also galactic. Some are even played in specific parts of quests, Hyping More adventures.

Combat is a lot of fun in Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Combat is a lot of fun in Saints Row (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

The scenarios are constructed with confidence that creates level design Another moment of the game. The view is incredible. Not much in the way of characters, but the town is charming. Santo Ileso invites you to explore it and continue to grow your empire. Against the background of the history of the saints, it is also interesting to move through the streets and discover everything.

Also like all open world games right?

If you’re into this genre, you’ll definitely love Saints Row. It has everything good (and bad) that such games have to offer. And then it’s up to the player to see the glass half full or half empty. Missions can become more and more fun or more repetitive. Walking around town can be super fun or just a waste of time. It all depends on your profile.

Saints Row: Worth it?

Many will complain, others will find it interesting. the ring of “GTA V copy”, will definitely be included in the game. And, between the success of the gameplay and the setting and the questionable vehicle physics and the many bugs (some even funny), Saints Row offers a fun experience with hours and hours of gameplay that deserves your attention.

Saints Row: Worth it!  (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Saints Row: Worth it! (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

Customization is another high point of the game. From characters to weapons and vehicles, you can make the game your own. This is again something common in this type of game, but Saints Row manages to raise the bar. Tattoos, accessories, clothes. Pipes, ammunition, camouflage. Paints, parts, built-in weapons. There are tons of possibilities that make the game fun and unpredictable.

Another important point in this aspect is how it is possible to change the experience of the game itself. In the performance section, a mode that rates 4k visuals or higher fps. Not to mention the capabilities of commands, the use of adaptive triggers, etc. It’s a full menu full of options, all to give players the best experience.

The move was good for Saints Row. Something a little more “real” but still figuring out what established the series was a hit. The new characters are interesting, the city and the technical aspects, even with a flaw here and there, will not disappoint you. Could only be the Portuguese dub, right? But menus and subtitles already help a lot.

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