Saints Row: Useless complaint, reset will be very different

Reset A number of saints It was announced in August last year and surprised many people. Despite the traditional atmosphere of the gang war that blessed the saga, everything that appears in the first video was completely different: the atmosphere, the characters, the aesthetics … if at this point you doubt that the new game will be completely different. From the original, good prep.

THE Voxel Invited by Deep Silver (publisher) to watch the available presentation of the title (we did not play, we just saw the long gameplay). We even had the opportunity to participate in a chat with part of the development team.

Before the gameplay trailer was shown, the developer Volition team showed the video below, which relates to the personalization of the next game. This is important because it really shows one of the pillars of the new game.

The quality of personalization is impressive. In addition to more trivial aspects such as skin color, eyes, hair, eyebrows, lips and body shape, it will be possible to put mechanical hands and feet, dozens of accessories and even fun tampons on the genitals and nipples.

And it will not be just the main character that the player can shape as the machines and weapons will also be customized. The idea, according to the developers, is to make the experience in the city of Santo Ileso very personal.

A truly open world

Moving on to previously unpublished footage, new gameplay footage has begun to show how big Santo Ileso will be and will be open to exploring nine neighborhoods and environments, from the most desert to the most city.

The new world called ‘Active’ seems like a lot of fun to explore by car as a good game that inspires GTA. While driving on the streets it has become possible to observe that the lighting and shadow effects are as beautiful as the title that will be released for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

To recreate the environment, the Volition team took inspiration from places like New Mexico, Nevada and Dallas (USA). Regions were photographed and digitally transformed to generate a sense of reality and recognition in landscapes.

“I’ve never seen a city like this in a game,” said Brian Traffick, Volition’s creative director.

The desert landscapes of Saints Row attract attention with their light and vegetation.

The promise is that there will be hundreds of ways to solve challenges and build a relationship with Santo Ileso. In addition to the traditional car, the world can be explored by helicopters, tanks, planes, trucks, motorcycles and much more.

In this research, the mobile phone, which will also be used for personalization, will be one of the allies, as it will be able to access GPS and indicate interesting places. One fun tool is that some cars have ejectors that can be used to activate the wingsuit for skating in the city. When the wing is active, it will be possible to jump at certain points to regain height and land even on cars, in mechanics similar to mechanics. Just the reason.

A number of saintsIn parts of the game it will be possible to remove the guitar for singing and playing with people.

With these options, the player will have quite a bit of freedom to determine how to get to the places and perform the challenges that involve mobility and destruction. And that will lead to the next topic.

Funny fight

While nothing revolutionary, combat A number of saints This seems to be one of the main points of the title. The selection of weapons in the best roulette style shows that there will be several options, from the most traditional ones like pistols, shotguns and machine guns, to electric power balls.

The gaming aspect continues. The player will be able to use unusual equipment such as weapons that leave enemies in the neon to identify them at night or create barriers.

In addition to remote combat, there will also be a melee combat option. The sequence of shots and kicks has a rhythm, though they do not approach similar games. Arkham SeriesIt will be very important to control the combinations and understand the enemy attacks.

A number of saintsIf you can not fight, you can escape the enemies in Saints Row.

The dynamics of the battle, based on the Flow system, seem simple, but focus on allowing special moves and “benefits”. One of them is the cult crane blow, in addition to firearms, which deprive enemies of great health and can be differential, especially against gangs with physically strong members, as is the case with Los Panteros. Meanwhile, the Idols group, the pink gang of the first trailer, will attack the group.

The ability to confront butchers, both “in hand” and with weapons, allows you to mix styles, increase the range of confrontation and give some freedom to choose the best way to defeat rival bandits.

There will also be battles inside the cars. In the car, for example, you will have to chase against the police. In this case, it would be possible to hit police cars to harm followers and even blow them up.

SaintsThe shooters promise to be crazy at Saints Row.

If the player wants, he can shoot from inside the vehicle and even climb, if he needs a better field of vision – and more style. Still on the cops, a fragment of the gameplay showed that it would be possible to steal their shield in order to confront the cover face to face.

Missions and characters

A number of saints Has terrible missions. One of the quests shown in the video is a robbery against Los Panteros, in which a player uses a helicopter to enter a further point in the city and encounters a group of rival gangs. From inside the flying machine it will be possible to shoot the enemies on the ground.

To give players something to do in this vast world, there will also be alternative missions like Side Hustles, called “New Opportunities” to earn money. These lateral purposes also serve as experiences that can be used to develop a character skill tree.

With money, there are dozens of options for what to do. The main thing that was shown in the video is personalization. The money can be used not only to buy new clothes, but also to arrange the headquarters of the saints, which is a meeting place for members of the game’s protagonist faction, and you can get statues and other customizable objects.

A number of saintsVolition joked and even showed Shrek as a customizable character.

Saints, by the way, is an interesting aspect of the reset. Unlike the original title, the group consists of more diverse members who look less like what we stereotypically define as “bandits.”

In this new game, the player will still be the protagonist of the boss and aims to destroy rival groups for dominance in Santo Ileso (with the support of Neina, Kevin and Ellie). However, this time, the story seems more “on earth”.

A number of saintsThe protagonists were criticized for not looking like a “gang”.

The feeling that the items are different from the original will also be in the colors, the dialogues, the city and the goals of the protagonists. The story shows young people looking for money, for example, to repay a student loan. This change of direction has caused a lot of complaints, but the directors are firmly committed to the idea of ​​updating the series with elements that can make it more attractive to a large group of fans.

Why reboot?

“Everything is different because we wanted to offer you something completely new. And we’re excited to see that. [o jogo lançado]”Said the trafficker.” The best part [de trabalhar no reboot] Which we have learned [dos jogadores]- The director said with a laugh and hinted that Volition was not very interested in the criticism received.

More seriously, he has already said that the developer wanted not only a spiritual heir, but also a different job. And while it was fun, the project was challenging.

In order for everyone to have an unprecedented feeling while moving to New Santo Ileso, history has been restored more seriously. However, this does not indicate that there is no humor. Quite the contrary.

“Everything is different because we wanted to offer you something completely new,” the trafficker explained

A number of saints

According to the producers, there will be some similarities in the humorous tone Order of Saints: Third. A good mood will be packed, however, with moments of reflection. “Despite the absurd moments, we thought we needed to offer the player emotions. So in some parts there is a strong emotional issue behind it,” explained Jeremy Bernstein, a quest writer.

“It’s hard to keep the emotional part of being a hot dog character, but we tried,” added Jennifer Campbell, the game’s screenwriter.

Why play new A number of saints?

In addition to discussing why they learned the series needed a fresh start, Volition representatives spoke in detail about the game’s decisions. Asked if it was possible to play in the car in the first person, the trafficker denied this, noting that fighting in cars was presented in the third person.

Daniel Bentien, UI artist, noted that the HUD can be changed and elements can be placed at the bottom or top of the screen as the player prefers. It will also be possible to completely clear the screen of information and use access options. Therefore, A number of saints It can be played by people with visual or motor impairments who have several levels of difficulty and resources, for example, to eliminate the need for long presses of buttons.

Another novelty – in the not-so-new series – is the cooperative mode. It will be possible to play the whole campaign with a friend or alone, and there are missions designed to make you better enjoy the company.

A number of saintsSaints Row in Co-op mode will have mechanics for developing both characters together.

The team also clarified that some items will be unlocked, but it is unclear whether there will be paid options, for example. And, in addition to simple aesthetic accessories, some personalization will be central to the story, said Kenzi Lindgren, a user experience (UX) designer, who said choosing clothes might make it easier for certain factions.

The dealer explained that the teams are already making final adjustments to the game. Those who did not like the first trailer and the information spread so far, the director said that K. A number of saints It will be possible to do “practically everything” on the streets of Santo Ileso.

“The player can study [a cidade] “In hundreds of ways,” he assured. “Each gameplay video shows how people play differently. It may be the same mission, but everything will be different. We distribute the activities throughout the map and [o reboot de Saints Row] “This is a real sandbox,” he promised.

Originally scheduled for release on February 25, 2022, A number of saints Delayed; Now the game will debut on August 23rd for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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