Saints Row reviews drive Embracer Group stock prices higher

The company’s shares fell 7% after the unfavorable review of Volition’s game

Released last Monday (22), the Saints Row reboot has been rave reviews Negative impact on Embracer Group shares. The company that owns Deep Silver, the game’s publisher, saw his roles as a Daily depreciation over 7% Thanks to reviews that found the game unattractive and criticized it for its high number of bugs.

According to Axios, which is reporting the story. Anticipation for the market launch was quite high, because it had to revive the highly appreciated series. In addition, many expected that there would be a game Embracer’s first big hitwhich has gained notoriety in recent years with various acquisitions of studios around the world.

The company announced this at the meeting held last week with the shareholders Saints Row was one of their best releases for fiscal 2022. The second will be the long-awaited Dead Island 2, which should receive a new reveal during Gamescom 2022 and will hit stores in February 2023.

Embracer Group is betting on several projects

While Saints Row may not have received the rave reviews Embracer Group was hoping for, This should not affect your medium and long term strategy. The company has revealed in the past that its philosophy is to acquire multiple developers and have multiple projects in production at the same time – this will increase its chances. Hits that make up for any release below expectations.

Recently, the company announced that it has acquired the rights to produce games based on the universe Lord of the Rings As a way of maintaining this strategy. Also in 2022, he revealed that he had bought the studios from Square Enix. Crystal dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix MontrealResponsible for games like Robber of tombs and Computer game Deus Ex.

As for Saints Row, the game currently has a Metacritic scores range from 64 to 70 by critics. The game should be available to the public in a few hours, and it remains to be seen if player reactions will differ from the reviews already published.

Embracer Group: Check out all the studios of one of the biggest gaming companies in the world

Embracer Group: Check out all the studios of one of the biggest gaming companies in the world
Together with China’s Tencent, these two companies are the largest in the world today.


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Source: Axios


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