“Saints Row” promises improved gameplay; Know more

in thisrow of saints” was released in August, making it available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via the Epic Games Store). However, due to many negative reviews from players, the game recently received over two hundred fixes. It is right!

In an official statement, Volition stated that their intention is to provide a better experience for players, so roadmaps and expansions are taking a back seat. After all, how can you think about expanding and developing new scripts for a game with so many negative reviews before improving the game experience?

It seems that the new “Saints Row” will no longer contain strange features such as full sexualization, as well as mockery and exaggeration on the part of the characters; This is possible thanks to overload Done in game. “In the row of saints” heroes and roommates There are some missions that always end up in conflict between rival factions. All this, of course, with a lot of shots.

Neena, DJ Kevin and Eli have a good relationship when they get together; However, as the script progressed, we could notice that there was not a good development in the production. This is because many situations that players might like have not been used.

The game contains little inspiration and in the world of “GTA V” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”, games with this feature become completely irrelevant for gamers. Gamers🇧🇷 Apart from the frustrating storyline, the game’s missions are not that enjoyable as they sometimes become repetitive and therefore boring for those who play.

The game controls are also flawed, as there is no way to predict how the bullets will fire. This is counterintuitive considering that everything in the game boils down to a shootout between rival factions.

Predictably, there are always shootouts or car chases in the game, which may even lead to good expectations at first, but as the game progresses. game The player may simply have to jump from car to car, while competitors will use a generic automatic.

In short, the expectation of players is that more than 200 tweaks will improve the gameplay of the game game Which sometimes showed that he didn’t need much creativity to develop.

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