Rumors suggest that Bayonetta 3 almost had a “semi-open world”.

critically acclaimed Bayonetta 3 It was almost completely different in terms of level design. This is suggested by journalist Imran Khan, who revealed last Friday (4th) that he had information about the involvement. “Semi-Open World” was discussed at the time development🇧🇷

In a post on his Patreon, the former Game Informer editor-in-chief revealed that he heard from sources that at one point, Platinum was planning a “more Astral Chain than Nier Automata” design for Bayonetta 3.

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“The idea was that the big world hub would send Bayonetta (or someone else) to different worlds that would be pretty open. “Super Mario 64 could be a good reference point for that,” says the journalist.

“There was a lot of work and experimentation around this idea, but it kept falling apart when it came to pacing, and finally Nintendo wanted them.” [Platinum] reduction [o escopo]🇧🇷 I heard that too [essa ideia] It didn’t work particularly well on Switch hardware.”

The details are especially interesting when considering Thule Island, the hub that connects Bayonetta 3’s different realities. This place has some remnants of the open world level design, which is spread over vast areas and filled with collectibles, puzzles, and activities. requires more horizontal exploration than previously seen in the series.

“The suspension has been reworked a bit to be able to search larger areas and offer a lot more variety in environments,” Khan notes. “Even different weapon transformations will have some effect on the crossover.

Also according to Khan, trying to create a well-executed semi-open world for the game was one of the factors that caused it to be significantly delayed. Other obstacles to production would be the pandemic and the fact that the game was announced too soon.

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Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch. Read our review of the game, in which we found that “a spectacle of fighting action, the title serves up an epic and electrifying finale to match the trilogy.”

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