Royal Quest in PT-BR has started closed beta and you can win R$ 179 Starter Pack for free; Learn how ⋆

At the end of last month I focused (Via MMORPGBR) for the statement made by the employees 4 gamesWhich proves that MMORPG kingdom quest It would enter the testing round very soon. Yes, the experience has already begun. In support of the press release, the developers mentioned that the game was available yesterday, October 6th, and everyone who purchased one of the Starter Packs will be able to enjoy the experience… Let’s take a look at the information shall we?

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Carefully follow the schedule shown official website of game, 4Game has launched a closed beta of the exciting Royal Quest in Latin America. As I said, players who buy one of the starter packs will have the opportunity to test the game right away, with a nice series of benefits. In addition to immediate access to the closed beta, players who purchase one of the starter packs will also receive items such as:

  • Exclusive early access A royal quest within 20 days.
  • Exclusive discounts on in-game items.
  • Ability to reserve desired name for avatar.
  • 30 day premium account.
  • Exclusive mascots.
  • Exclusive clothing and equipment.
  • Ability to choose gifts that all players will receive when the game officially starts.
  • Royal Pass Points (RPP) accumulators that allow the redemption of incredible rewards.
  • All this and much more!

It’s worth noting that the game will be a free-to-play option when it’s ready for its official launch, but this round of tests should already be worth paying attention to, as the game will run until October 26th and plenty of content will be available. It’s also worth noting that 4Game has confirmed that the game’s Open Beta will start on October 27, and all closed beta participants will help improve the game and thus be rewarded with some rewards. I’m going up: 4Game has also shared with us some codes that guarantee immediate access to the game during the Royal Quest Closed Beta to distribute to our audience. Therefore, we decided to hold a draw, where the first Selected participant will receive Aura Starter Pack (R$179)while others Five will receive royal spoils, which can be used to try your luck at roulette prizes on the official website (the code does not give you access to the closed beta). Each royal loot code gives you 10 roulette attempts.

Originally released in 2012, Royal Quest is a Russian MMORPG that is ready to reach a new legion of players, this time with a fully translated version in Portuguese, which should be a very interesting attraction. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Auri, where magic, technology and alchemy are harmoniously intertwined. Aura is under imminent threat of an invasion by the Black Alchemists, and the king has summoned the strongest warriors to protect the nation. In this context, you are one of the chosen warriors in a fantasy world where you can choose from eight classes, fight in dungeons, complete thousands of quests, assemble your own guild, claim your own castle and much more.

1 starter pack aura and five royal loot codes gift

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