Roller Champions: Ubisoft’s free gaming game debuts on May 25th

The new sports game brings crossplay and cross progress across all platforms

Months after closed tests Roller Champions Indicate that the game has been delayed by Ubisoft, the company brought news about it this Wednesday (18). According to the developer, The game will be available in digital stores on Playstation, Xbox and PC on May 25 – Exactly one week later.

The game has a A futuristic sport that combines elements of rollerblading, American football, and hockey, In which two to three teams compete to steal the ball and score goals. The title was officially revealed by the company at the presentation E3 2019 And has since gone through several stages of internal testing.

According to Ubisoft, Roller Champions will bring crossplay systems to all platforms on which it will be available. Players will also be able to switch between different versions of the game. Without losing your progressWhich will be linked to the account required to access the developer’s services.

The game should come on Switch in the future

In his release statement, Ubisoft has also confirmed that it continues to work on a Roller Champions version for the Nintendo Switch.. However, he did not provide details on a possible release date, but promised to release additional details in the near future – The game should also be released for Stadia, Android and iOS.

Ubisoft promises that the game will have a rich progression system in which players will be able to Unlock new maps, cosmetic rewards (related to Season Passes) and other game modes Available for a limited time. The normal game of the game ends when the team has accumulated five points and there will be ways to increase the points awarded for each goal by completing the circles around the oval arena of the title.

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Roller Champions will be able to enjoy the game alone (With a system that pairs a player with people with similar skills) or in group matches. For those who are still learning the rules of the game, The developer promises access to Skatepark Which, in addition to offering training exercises, will also be a social center for new experiences.


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