Rogerio Saladino, co-author of Tormenta RPG, is leaving Jambô publishing house.

Rogerio Saladino, one of the most prolific RPG authors in the country, responsible for the Tormenta project, among other creators, announced on social media that he is leaving his editorial job at Jambô, the company that maintains publications from the largest Brazilian medieval fantasy. the world.

“I love RPGs, and some of the best parts of my life have been working with RPGs, writing, creating, exploring and participating in the hobby,” the screenwriter wrote, warning that his departure was not due to controversy. Members of Storm Productions.

“Before you get mad, it’s not for any bad or evil reason, there wasn’t any disagreement or fight or anything like that. I’m still friends with Marcelo Casaro, JM Trevisan, Leonel Caldella, Guillerme de Valdi and Rafael dei Valdi, among many others who work in publishing,” he said, highlighting the real reasons for his decision: “I think I have everything, As much as I could and can’t imagine doing more for the hobby or the scenery that I helped create. I’m no longer a part of Storm’s decisions and new directions. I don’t think I could add more to the setting and the brand and Storm is in great hands for that. It’s gotten to the point where I believe that I have to do new things in other areas.”

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Rogerio Saladino, co-author of Tormenta RPG, is leaving Jambô publishing house. Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Editor's Facebook image

Photo: Editor’s Facebook image

Saladino explains that he will always be one of the authors and creators of Tormenta, “the biggest national RPG scene, and it’s a title that I will always carry with the greatest pride”, he emphasizes, concluding that “the point has come. In my career, I thought anyone who had nothing more to contribute to Tormenta, RPG.

The author intends to take the stage of comics and horror, topics that he claims to have a great appreciation for.

Drops de Jogos wishes success to the professional in his new venture.

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