Rockstar Previews the next big update for GTA Online

The company also commented on the abandonment of Red Dead Online

In a few days, probably on July 18, next GTA Online Summer Update. Prior to this release, rock star Commented on some news Summer update/Summer DLC, lets you know that you’ve heard from the community and desired changes are coming, such as changes to the oppressive Mk II. Learn more.

Rockstar has expanded criminal careers and paychecks

in a press release, Rockstar Games announced that it will bring updates to the criminal career (all of which are unlocked when you buy a business) and a new series of contact missions – where your character will be called into action at the IAA, the CIA of the GTA universe. This wouldn’t be the first time GTA Online’s main character has worked for the US government.

But the most interesting part of the press release rock star is that they will bring improvements to gameplay and that the Opressor Mk II will receive nerfs – both changes, the company says, were made based on community feedback.

Speaking of some gameplay improvements, it will be possible to start sales missions in invite-only sessions. This alone reduces the chance that a sad rolling Mk II will attack you without being able to defend yourself.

In the case of the Mk II rock star He added that the effectiveness of guided missiles and countermeasures will be reduced (probably nothing much will change).

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Payments for game and scrapbook modes for Red Dead Online are increasing

The company also announced that GTA$ payouts in various game modes will increase. THE rock star He believes that in this way players will have more freedom to quickly achieve their plans (such as buying a babushka), doing what they love. Hate the triple bonus game mode? No problem, the one you like will already have a high base salary.

Associates, security guards and members of the motorcycle club will also receive a salary increase. This move, in Rockstar’s plans, will encourage players to use these cooperative gaming features.

A message to the players Red Dead Online is that gained experience GTA online Will be used to enhance western gameplay (here comes the flying horse that shoots missiles). THE rock star announced that it will focus more on special seasonal events and improve the game experience, leaving aside themed content – which has been the focus of recent years.

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Rockstar canceled the Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 remasters after receiving the GTA Trilogy [RUMOR]

Rockstar canceled the Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 remasters after receiving the GTA Trilogy [RUMOR]
Focusing on GTA 6 will also be one of the reasons for the company to abandon the project


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