Rockstar Leaker reveals that GTA 6 will be announced in GTA Online in the coming days

A well-known leakster from Rockstar Games claims that GTA 6 will be announced during the campaign.

When it comes to massive “Grand Theft Auto 6” leaks, it’s hard to find a silver lining. In what could be described as the biggest gaming story in quite some time, it Rockstar Games suffered a data breach that leaked more than 3GB of development footage for a new game in the “Grand Theft Auto” series that was revealed on Sunday, giving fans GTA 6 An overview of details such as the game’s setting as well as its main characters.

And while the company broke its silence and shared that the leak shouldn’t affect the game’s development in the long run, this kind of massive breach prematurely put the upcoming game under the spotlight. For example, the leak prompted some people to make sarcastic comments about the game’s graphics, even though the game was barely finished. However, amid the negatives, there were still some notable positives.

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Now, according to Tez2, aliens will begin appearing in GTA Online as part of the Halloween event in October, leading to a possible hint or reveal. GTA 6. The source claims that the event will begin on Saturday, October 15th and will take place in 17 “legs” of the alien journey, ending on Halloween. “The Fort Zancudo UFO, unlike the regular UFO model, will appear on Sunday, October 23, 2022,” he said.

However, Tez2 also explained that provocation GTA 6 is speculation and based on a mysterious image found at the Lil’ Probe’ Inn in San Andreas. Back in 2021, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition players discovered Grand Theft Auto’s cardinal sin when they spotted a new photo of the Lil’ Probe’Inn alongside footage from Red Dead Redemption 2. JTA 5.

The photo featured a house that was not found in the existing title Rockstar Games And aliens far away. Players were able to determine that the photo was of Miami, or as it is known in the world of GTA, Vice City. “Of course, now that Rockstar has suffered a security breach, plans have definitely changed. We don’t know if that means proper disclosure much earlier, or if the breach caused a delay in disclosure.” However, we do not know for sure GTA 6 will be revealed as part of the event, Tez2 has a good track record, he accurately stated that the game company has canceled the remasters GTA 4 and RDR1.

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