Rockstar is tearing down GTA prototype videos posted by one of its developers

Mike Daley claims that the developer removes the materials that are more than 20 years old

One of the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series back when Rockstar Games was still called DMA Design, Mike Dale took to social media to announce that Some of your videos will be deleted by the company. The main target, he said, is footage in which he shows some of the prototypes that ended up in the first game in the heist and car theft franchise.

In addition to continuing to work as a developer, Daily maintains a YouTube channel where he shares ideas for new projects and concepts he’s worked on in the past. according to him Rockstar Games has removed two videos showing part of the prototypes on which he worked and which was detailed by A The first beta version of GTA.

Daily was the first official employee of DMA Design, responsible for creating the graphics engine that was the basis of the first games in the series. He announced on Twitter that he is now Limited to disclosure of materials that you have worked on individually And that Rockstar did not benefit in any way.

Rockstar makes it difficult to share portfolios

According to the Daily, the decision of Rockstar Games is Affects materials older than 25 years and makes it difficult for developers to view logs of past work. “I have now removed all dev stuff from GTA. Only direct examples of my work remain – work that was never used in GTA, but “inspired” parts of its evolution.“, he said on Twitter.

A former employee was involved in the development of the first game of the franchise, but Left the developer shortly before Grand Theft Auto 2 It hit stores in 1999. During his time at DMA Design, he was very involved in the series Lemmingswhich is responsible for the developer’s first commercial successes.

In a message shared with PC Gamer, Daily said that he is disappointed with the situation and that Believes that developers should be given the opportunity to show their work. “Especially jobs that are 28 years old!“, he said. yet, Rockstar Games And Take-Two, its corporate owner, has made no public comment on the situation.


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Source: PC Gamer


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