Rockstar is preparing a Read Dead Redemption remaster and the next generation version of the sequel [RUMOR]

The journalist reinforces the information spread on the Internet from 2021

Although for Rockstar Games this can be considered secondary to success Grand Theft AutoSeries Red Dead Redemption It also occupies a special place in the company catalog. While the official plans of the developer are still a secret, He is reportedly working on a remaster of the first game in the Wild West franchise.And will also develop a next-generation version of the extension.

If this does not seem new to you, the reason is simple: Similar rumors have been circulating on the Internet since at least 2021. This time, however, they gained the support of the journalist Chris ClipperWho is known to have good experience when it comes to developers.

He said Both projects, including Red Dead Redemption, began in late 2020 And suffered internal delays. He states that initially, the developer intended only a Red Dead Redemption update for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5But that process was delayed by the decision to also make an original game remaster.

It is possible to release a computer

In his publications, Clipper also denied rumors that two projects could be published in a single package known as “Collection of outlaws“. The journalist commented, though there is The first Red Dead Redemption Remaster chance to hit the PCSo far nothing has been confirmed.

Currently, the Xbox is the only current platform that allows easy access to the game featuring John Marston, thanks to its backward compatibility system. If an updated version actually exists, He has to go through adaptations as it seems Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive EditionWhose most improvements were made using algorithms.

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Like other rumors – especially those related to Rockstar Games -, You need to read the information carefully before making an official announcement. Recently, the developer announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 had sold more than 43 million units since its release date, and though it promised to innovate. Red Dead OnlineHas not yet received any direct concerns expressed by players in recent months.


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