Rockstar Games has been updating fans on the game’s development

Rockstar Games has released a major update on the development of GTA 6.

THE Rockstar Games Gained a reputation for his hit GTA. When players first saw Liberty City Grand Theft Auto 3 Few could have predicted in 2001 that this would be just the beginning of a series that continues to push the boundaries of immersion, scale, and player freedom. As a developer, Rockstar never liked to rework previous titles, preferring to create new mechanics and refine the best ideas for each release. GTA 6 It is currently in production and is expected to grow further.

When version number 6 of the game was announced, the franchise owner gave an update about the game in development to its fans. “With unprecedented longevity GTA VWe know many of you have been asking us about the new title in the series Grand Theft Auto. With every new project we start, our aim is always to go above and beyond what we’ve delivered before – and we’re happy to confirm that future developments GTA 6 happens”.


Now, according to the website, drug addictsOn behalf of Take Two Interactive Rockstar Games Updated fans and shareholders on the development progress of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto that is currently known GTA 6. At a recent investor conference, the company revealed few details about the future, other than the usual number of sales of its games on the market.

“Development is well underway, they (Rockstar) are determined to set and be the creative benchmarks for the series, the industry and entertainment. in other words, Rockstar Games Committed to creating an entertainment product that sets the benchmark for future games and the industry in general. This is a very big ambition, however, the producer believes that he can do it.

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