Rockstar announces The Criminal Enterprises, a new DLC for GTA Online

The expansion expands the criminal career and increases the base pay for the game modes

After a look at what was in store for the big summer update (Northern Hemisphere), rock star It was officially announced Criminal enterprisesnew DLC for GTA onlinethis will be Released on July 26. The novelty brings improvements in the criminal career, increased rewards in game modes and a contact mission for the IAA (CIA of the GTA universe), in which players investigate the Duggan family (the antagonist of the casino missions).

GTA Online: Criminal Enterprises

As it became known last week, all criminal careers include business activities sales missions, can be held in private sessions (invitation, command and friends only). This innovation will allow players to make their sales without having to worry about being attacked by the pesky Mk II pilot.

Each criminal career (Enforcers, Bikers, Gun Dealers, and Nightclub Owners) will gain new side jobs that promise to make it easier to earn GTA$ among other improvements. Learn more below.


Anyone with an executive office will notice the presence of a new employee manager, Lupe, who is ready to help Muamba find supplies. A new side job will also be available for executives, in which a Muamba’s cargo will arrive at the depot every day, ready for transfer to the docks. Two new Muamba sources will also be added to the Locate missions, increasing the variety of missions available to white-collar criminals across the state.

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Headquarters A Motorcycle Workshop will receive a free upgrade where MC Presidents will be able to modify users’ bikes to spec (or not) and give them away in exchange for GTA$ and RP.. Bikers will also be able to boost their profits and street reputation through completion Two new motor club contracts Available on the wall of the HQ meeting room. Finally, the Motorcycle Club HQ bar will be a bar: players will have a mission to fill the bar to earn extra money for their MC – similar to what happens in the Arcade.

Arms dealers

Players will have the opportunity to do so Daily delivery to Ammu-Nation stores, which will give you an additional source of income. You will also have two supply missions new. In addition, players can also summon an agent along the 14 paths to increase research progress while receiving data from the target.

Night club owners

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Now nightclub owners can contact Johan Complete product location missions for Nightclub Depot or call Tony and initiate Nightclub Management missions. Two new nightclub management missions have been added, offering new ways to promote your operation. Meanwhile, in the nightclub, you can keep the good vibes going by chasing down the hoodlums and leading the exhausted VIPs to safety.

Operation John and Mary: Investigate the Duggan family

The economy of southern San Andreas is in crisis. Gasoline prices are rising, supply chains are in chaos and, to make matters worse, a severe heat wave is affecting the state.

Executives, bikers, nightclub owners and arms dealers are taking advantage of the chaotic situation. However, the rise in the price of gasoline has attracted the attention of the IAA, who suspect that the Duggans, a corrupt family in the petrochemical industry, are manipulating prices for their own benefit, and the IAA will need your help to investigate the evidence.

The extract above is the official summary The Criminal Enterprises DLC. In this new mission, an IAA ULP agent will contact the main character GTA online You (and three other players) investigate the Duggan family, whose patriarch (heavily inspired by Avery Carrington in GTA Vice City) is also antagonistic Casino Quest.

Bigger payouts, other improvements and… more cars

THE A big update on The Criminal Enterprises Bringing several changes to the economy, including permanent growth for Races and Adversary Modes, as well as higher payouts for Original Heists and The Doomsday Heist, as well as Security, Associates, MC Members, and more that have yet to be announced.

THE rock star This decision was made to improve the experience for players so that they can get more rewards for playing the way they prefer without it. is blowing when money is short Do you just want to race? no problem! This will make you profit. Just want to play opponent modes? Enjoy!

The Oppressor Mk II (every Grief uses it, but not everyone who uses it is more Grief) will have a reduction in the effectiveness of its homing missiles and its countermeasures. Now, who knows, it might be possible to dodge a Mk II missile in a helicopter. It will also be possible to install the Missile Lock Jammer on the two new vehicles.

Speaking of cars, rock star announced that new cars will be released… as if that wasn’t enough.

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