Rocksmith+: The Game That Teaches You to Play the Guitar Comes to PC on September 6th

The new game works with a subscription system and guarantees access to more than 5 thousand songs

Delayed a few months ago by Ubisoft, Rocksmith+ Received new official information this Tuesday (30). The developer confirmed that the game, which teaches how to play instruments such as guitar, guitar and bass. Official debut on PC on September 6 of this year.

Although the original version of the game and its remaster included purchases in the traditional model and various DLCs, The new release will bet on a subscription systemThe. According to the company, the game is optimized to offer tutorials “Official Song Masters” and real-time feedback for students.

Ubisoft also promises this Rocksmith+ will not rely on the use of special cables like previous versions (but it can be used). Notes played by users will be detected The new Rocksmith+ Connect appwhich will be made available by him in versions Android and iOS.

Rocksmith+ promises more than 5000 songs

The developer also claims that it has established partnerships with companies such as Sony Music and Universal We offer a catalog with more than 5 thousand songs of different styles. The company also claims that previous versions of the game have already helped more than 5 million people learn tools or improve their skills.

The PC version of Rocksmith+ will be available through the Ubisoft Connect platform, which promises special bonuses for those who have played previous versions. Those who choose the quarterly plan Get an extra free monthAnd those who chose the annual option will be guaranteed an additional quarter at no additional cost.

up to the moment Ubisoft did not disclose the amount charged for subscriptions in Brazil (They are different in Europe £12.99 and £84.99), which should be published only after the official release date. This proves that interested players will have to Always be connected to the InternetHowever, a future offline mode is not completely ruled out.

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