Robot Cache announces its arrival in Brazil

THE Game distribution and sales platformS for the computer Robot cache recently announced its arrival in the Brazilian market. The project is led by veterans of such large companies as Activision Blizzard, Atari and Warner Bros. Interactive and Launching the service on the national territory There will be heavyweight titles, both AAA and India.

Users should find blockbuster games from top developers and publishers such as Bethesda, THQ Nordic and Paradox, including Ghostwire: Tokyo, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, DOOM, Metro Light Redux and Deserts 3 Available at service startup. And, in celebration of the launch of Robot Cache in our country, the company offers game Epistoria – typing of chronicles for free on the website of the platform until July 15 of this year.

“[A] Robot Cache will bring unprecedented access and empowerment to gamers by offering a platform where users can not only buy and play, but also list their games for sale, earning a 25% commission on operating revenue.

The text also explains that if the user is properly authenticated, the platform can use the computer’s “idle time” to gain access. IRON, Robot Cache’s digital currency which can be used to purchase new games on the Service. Additionally, players can earn even more IRON by completing challenges on the platform, which is fully gamified.

“From the beginning, our vision has been to transform the way people buy games,” said Lee Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Robot Cache. According to him, the idea is Allow players to buy, play and sell their titles when they deem it necessary. “A title in your gaming library doesn’t have to sit there collecting digital dust,” said the CEO, who says he’s excited to “serve Brazilian PC gamers.”

Jacobson explained that the goal is to offer benefits to both players and developers. He also stated that his company “Never charge more than 5% commissionSo much higher profits end up going to players (25%) and creators, many of whom have experienced higher distribution rates over the years.”

Robot Cache, a platform that offers the purchase and resale of PC games, has announced its arrival in BrazilSource: Robot Cache/Disclosure

It’s a conversation Digital currency mining The CEO of the platform, which is optional, elaborated a bit more on the initiative. According to him, during IRON mining, “players get $10 on average [e] $40 per month, which is significantly higher for countries where games are sold at lower prices outside of the US and Europe.

Jacobson claims to have received “very positive feedback from users around the world who have purchased games” using mining and IRON. “This will be an option Available immediately for Brazilian players“, said the CEO, so users will already be able to choose to earn digital currency to purchase new games at the launch of the platform.

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