Rise of the Ronin is a new Action RPG from Team Ninja and published by Sony

The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

We at Team Ninja are excited to present our latest action RPG that will take you on an epic, unlimited journey as a ronin at the dawn of a new era in Japan. Seven years have passed since we started the project. Since then, development has been smooth and free as a ronin soul. It is a great pleasure to finally reveal this title and we are very grateful to be able to make this announcement together with PlayStation, who have supported us and this project for so many years.

Rise of the Ronin is a combat-oriented open-world action RPG set in Japan during a time of great change. This is the end of the 300-year Edo period known as “Bakumatsu”. In the late 19th century, when the game takes place, Japan is struggling to deal with oppressive rulers and deadly diseases as Western influence spreads and civil war rages between the Tokugawa Shogunate and opposing factions.

In this moment of chaos, you play as a ronin, a warrior who does not serve a master and is free to make his own choices. Rise of the Ronin is a new experience from Team Ninja that transports you into a historically inspired world, while bringing you our studio’s famous combat with katanas and all, plus firearms that represent the unique personality of the period.

Here at KOEI TECMO we have had many titles based on history. But in Rise of the Ronin, we decided to go even closer big step. We have combined all the skills and knowledge we have acquired over the years to truly go above and beyond and accurately portray the most critical revolution in Japanese history, including the darkest and scariest parts that many want to avoid. This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and complex project that Team Ninja Studio has ever tackled. However, we’ll let our experience creating action games with ninjas and samurai guide us on this journey.

In addition to the action elements, we strive to create a multi-layered story that details the world of the Bakumatsu period and the revolution that This happened. The characters you meet have their own motivations and ways of doing justice, and every decision you make will matter whether you’re for them or against them. Rise of the Ronin offers new combat and an open and unrestricted gameplay experience. We look forward to seeing you on your Ronin Road.

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