Riot May Cancel LoL MMORPG ‘If It’s Not Good Enough’

From the long-awaited MMORPG League of Legendsfrom Riot Games, still has an uncertain future. In an interview with Kanon last Friday (28), executive producer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street explained that The company can cancel the project at any time “if it’s not good enough”.

The statement was to justify that Riot Games is not the kind of company that imposes a release deadline or budget limit and threatens to cancel plans. “Riot will cancel a game if it’s not good enough. They won’t cancel a game because it’s too expensive.”explains.

According to the producer, it’s possible to make a bad and very expensive game that will ultimately get you fired. On the other hand, it is also possible to make a game that is less expensive and captures the “hearts and minds of the player”.

In the interview, he mentions that he likes popular MMOs World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 have a budget as a big aspect of their success. In the case of Riot Games, he says one of the good things about the company is that the team “won’t run out of money” to invest in the project.

There is no guarantee of release

MMO’s League of Legends Its development in 2020 has been confirmed, after the company announced other projects aimed at expanding the world of the popular MOBA into other media and genres.

This strategy has given rise to titles such as The Ruined Kingwhich is now available, series ArcanaFrom Netflix and the future Project Lwhich is the company’s bet on the fighting game genre.

Although highly anticipated by the community, the MMO was announced at a very early stage of development after being leaked at the time. For this reason, no gameplay images or more specific information have been released yet.

In April of this year, Ghostcrawler confirmed via Twitter that development was progressing, But it also touched on the issue that there was no guarantee that the game would be released.

“There’s no guarantee this game will happen. We’re optimistic, but you never know until it’s ready.”he wrote. “Things are going really well. I’m just being honest because Riot’s quality standards are high and the expectations are high for the players. We’re not going to disappoint.”Added as a user response.

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