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From the genius minds of indie Wolfeye StudiosDriven by excellent Digital ReturnAppeared Strange West. It came out on March 31, 2022, came to us in late April, and since then has caused quite a stir among this writer.

It’s ridiculous how the title expresses very well what can be expected from the game. The Strange West pushes us into a very strange Old West. Strangely, here we use it to accurately determine how unusual and unexpected this game environment is.

Weird West is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. This review was based on computer experience using a mouse and keyboard.


Survive and unravel the mysteries of the strange West with the intertwined fates of its unusual characters, from the co-creators of the immersive simulator. Offended And Price.

Discover a re-enactment of the Wild West dark fantasy where law enforcement and gun killers share a border with fantastic creatures.

Travel through the history of a group of atypical heroes who have become legends in your unforgiving decisions.

Each trip is unique and tailored to the actions you take – a series of high-stakes adventures where everything is important and the world responds to your choices. Create a detachment or enter the supernatural borders of the strange West alone and make all the legends your own.

Strange Western Analysis

Even before the famous Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games) Released in 2010, I’ve been looking at Old West stories. Weapons (2005), from Never soft And Juarez’s call (2007), from Ubisoft. But despite my previous experience, I admit that I have never seen such a weird thing as a weird vest (sorry for the extra). Probably the closest was the DLC Online game Undead Nightmare To The game From Rockstar.

But still, what we see in this work by Wolfeye Studios is something much more dense and impressive. In the Wild West, the audacity of mixing supernatural themes with a highly embedded and changing story scares any more conservative game developer.


In the Wild West, as problematic and diverse as we are, we are placed in a room with five portraits of cultists, fantastic creatures, freaks, and a lot of blood. Five silhouettes associated by the brand. Each of these figures is a character that we control as the story progresses.

And it is imbued with mysteries and strange magic as the game progresses. The story often revolves around horror and satire, with a system of decisions that are important to the fate of everything in the strange Western world, which gives greater weight to every step of this vast landscape.


Mixing tactical RPG elements with real-time action and despite space-constrained scenarios, Weird West is causing a great deal of research. But it is always good to remember that every choice has a price. While the game offers almost unlimited freedom for its maps and scenarios, it adds time constraints in some cases and missions. Thus, the sense of urgency intensifies the research, usually limited to just collecting what is necessary to continue the journey.

With a considerable variety of weapons and combat forms, from the most aggressive to the most secretive, you can enjoy the game in any way that suits you. The keys and shortcuts to actions or special abilities, as they are many, are a bit confusing at first, but learning takes place gradually and is productive as the game progresses (perhaps playing with the controller is more intuitive).

The game consists of two forms of interaction. One in the scripts, the other on the map.

Scenarios differ between fixed and predetermined locations (obtaining a marker when found on a map) and random encounter scenarios. The latter is generated randomly and procedurally, albeit after a limited base Pre-installed For that generation. It is noteworthy that from the beginning of my experience to the time of this review, there were already a few Patches Update where new options for these types of meetings have been released.

Skills tree, level system and loot

Unlike most RPG games, where there is an experience system based on elimination or achievement, at Weird West it is much more tied to research. The level is raised through meetings Nymph relics And Golden Aces. Each affects a different skill tree.

Nimp relics, when collected, allow you to unlock specific abilities of a character (class) or weapon. This only applies to the characters in isolation, i.e. if we change the characters, these skills will not be transferred.

Turn golden aces, or Golden Ace of Swords, Serves to unlock passive skills such as crash speed, health points, jump height and other similar characteristics. They, unlike the previous ones, share all the characters.

The variety of items and their properties is quite large and can greatly affect you Gameplay. In this case, skills and items match because both relics and aces as well as good weapons or other valuables can be found in the most unusual places in the strange West. From the box thrown in the middle of the street to the table of the church priest’s bed in a small village.

The invitation to study is complete.

The art of weird western skill wood


With a very bold graphic style, Weird West features cartoon features and in a bright color palette, use the incredible to create very amazing combinations. Shadow play and lighting work (which even affects Gameplay) Work with a dense plot to make the game even more immersive.

In addition to precise size, soundtrack and sound effects are essential to give the game the right tone. As much as the weird West oscillates a lot between horror and comics, what prepares for each moment is exactly the soundtrack. With characteristic elements WesternersIt forces us to walk in the vast deserts with the peace of being alone in the middle, which gives us the feeling that we may not be so alone after all.


I mentioned some positive aspects of the strange West experience in my review, but it did not bring me any negative points. I am not saying that it was not (I will even mention a few in sequence), but none of them could have been large enough to be as relevant as the other points in the analysis.

The fact that another indie game has a good translation into Brazilian Portuguese already gives Weird West a lot of points on my list (you know how much it makes me). I say good because exactly one of the slips of The game Is a problem with some programming idiomatic variations that generate console error responses that appear in the middle of narrative text.

Sometimes I would meet him too mistakes Artificial intelligence. Will it be me staring at the windowless walls or also I am in the middle of a firearm that I will completely ignore.

These are very strange situations, but they are true Strange West, right? ᲣI’m just kidding. I’m not going to wrap this fabric like that. But these mistakes Do not bother too much, because after the first one I started using autosave more often and when there was a problem, I restarted and followed.

Various mistakes Can be a problem and significantly lower my rating for it The game. However, realizing that the team is committed to updating and optimizing, to listening to the community, and keeping the game alive will give you hope.

In short, Weird West is an above average quality game offered by a Gameplay In at least 15 hours, and you can easily reach the double if you want to explore the world and its side missions well.

In terms of value, the game at its full price is close to 100 R $ in the PC versions and ranges from 150 R $ (Xbox) and R $ 200 R $ (PS) for consoles. It is noteworthy that there are currently promotions Steam For the game, in addition to that it is also available Game The pass.

4.5 / 5.0

Watch the Weird West trailer:

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