Review: Tinykin is a great indie Pikmin

Anyone who is a fan of Nintendo has certainly heard of the beautiful game Pikmin, where Miyamoto was inspired by his garden to bring a puzzle game in which we have different animals and environments that we see in Gardens. However, since the last game in the main franchise, Pikmin 3, was released on the Wii U, developer Splashteam introduced Tinykin, a Pikmin-inspired game that we’ll feature in this review.

Will Tinikin, this indie Pikmin bring a good experience to fans of the series?

This Tinikin analysis was made possible by code provided by the publisher. Tinykin is available now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One with Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PC and features PT-BR subtitles.

Its simple history and rich environment

As your source of inspiration, you play as Milo, a man who lives on a space planet and discovers that the human race comes from a planet called Earth. While exploring his origins, Milo crashes and loses his ship. And immediately he sees that he is a small person in a huge house.

And in this house he finds some insects that worship the former inhabitant of the house, Arduin. Without many options, Milo must continue to explore this house and assemble a mysterious device to see if he can return to his original home.

And well, even though the story is completely secondary, its world is fascinating. Here we will have home-inspired environments, that is, we will have large environments focused on bathrooms, offices, kitchens, hallways, children’s rooms and more.

In addition to the immense creativity to assemble this world, we will be interacting with insects. Yes, where are the people and who is this mysterious Arduino? Milo will answer these questions about ants, grasshoppers, fleas, beetles and more.

The coolest thing about these unexpected protagonists is that they have their own personalities and differences with other insects. That and the obvious worship of Arduin. It’s really fun to see the interactions between them, as well as the dialogues and their repositioning on the map while doing the tasks. Everything is very original and well made.

And my quick observation is that every time you meet a new tinkin for the first time, you will be treated to a great 2D animation as if it were a cartoon.

3D world with 2D characters

Before I get into the part of the review where I talk about Tinikin’s work, I want to talk about Tinikin’s art.

I already said that the setting is very creative and well done. The entire world of Tinikin is created in 3D, except for the 2D characters. And it works almost flawlessly. The character designs are very well done and they stand out from the environment.

In addition, insect animation is usually done in reduced frames, giving a sense of stop and go. This is something I particularly like and it is well done.

However, I said that this blend of 2D and 3D is almost flawless. So there is a criticism I have to make regarding your camera and motion.

Overall everything works well, but the camera sometimes doesn’t work so well in tight spots. I had some silly drops due to this lack of camera calibration. However, what I have seen that is very difficult is walking with precision. Many times I wanted to pick up something that was somewhere on the edge, and it was not an easy task to keep a straight line on the edge of the table.

It lacked major polish at this particular point, which would be my only complaint throughout the game.

Meet Tinykin

And now we come to the biggest moment of the game, we obviously have mysterious creatures that obey you tinnikins.

But before I talk about them, I will talk briefly about Milo. Unlike Pikmin, where Olimar has more limited movement, Milo has his own mechanics like jumping, swimming, and soap bar surfing. Here, in addition to the unique abilities of tinikins, you will also actively participate in the search and solving puzzles, which significantly increases the verticality of the search in the game.

And the second difference is that there are no enemies. Don’t expect ambushed opponents to kill you or any of the creative bosses. The only real danger is that Milo doesn’t walk on water.

Having mentioned these details, I can say that the experience in Tinikin is very calm and pleasant. Whenever I was going to play a bit, I would spend at least an hour or more exploring every nook and cranny of the level, which is extremely creative.

And of course, what underpins this positive exploration experience are the friendly Tinikins. Among them we have pink that carries things, red that explodes things and opens passages, green that we can make stairs everywhere, yellow that can pass in specific places and blue that conducts electricity.

This combination of powers, along with Milo’s ability to move around, made learning very natural. In each level you have to get an item to build an Arduino machine and for that you always have to complete an objective that involves solving a problem or doing something related to the scenario.

In addition to the main objective, you will be able to complete other missions, such as collecting hops for the brewmaster, which will give you another balloon to glide further. Or, solve certain quests from each environment to collect items from the museum.

And I know I’m repeating myself, but I’ll emphasize here: browsing is delicious and addictive, and the urge to collect and craft everything comes naturally.


To conclude our review of Tinikin, I can say that he has a great success in creating a game based on his inspiration source, but gives his game a unique twist.

Here we have a world with a really cool environment that is fun and enjoyable to explore. Thanks to Tinikin’s skills like Milo’s speed, you will explore every corner of this giant house in no time.

And to quickly talk about the soundtrack, it has really good sound effects and the songs are fun. It fits the theme of the game perfectly.

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Visuals, atmosphere and graphics – 9

Gameplay – 10

Fun – 10

Audio and soundtrack – 8



Tinikin is truely inspired by the style of Pikmin, but adapts to be something unique. Here we have x-exploration as the mainstay of the game, which ends up being super light and fun to explore every corner of the world.

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