Review – Songs of Conquest (2022, Coffee Stain Publishing)

Released with early access on May 10, 2022 for PC; Conquest songs Currently in version 0.75.6Published 24.05.2022.

Created by a Swedish studio Lavapotsia And driven Coffee Stain Studios (Responsible Walheim), O. The game It is already considered by many to be an heir (even unofficially). Heroes of Force and Magic III (1999). There were other titles in the franchise, yes, but the last one that was highlighted was the third.

Assembled in 2017, Lavapotion added expertise to its members in the fields games And movies that everyone is addicted to table and strategy role-playing games to create their first game.


Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game inspired by the classics of the 1990s. Manage powerful witches so called. Trains And explore unfamiliar lands. Fight the troops that dare to get in your way and look for powerful artifacts. The world is ready to conquer, so manage it!

Analysis of Conquest Tracks

Inspired by classic turn-based tactical adventure and RPG games, Songs of Conquest, like other current games, innovates based on the past. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel to make a good game. We can look at what happened correctly and work on this form.

In this regard, Lavapotion followed the idea, introducing several elements that had worked in the past and some of which adapted to their needs and desires. The result, so far, is a fully featured early access game. I will explain a little better in the following lines.

Game modes

Songs of Conquest mainly contains two game modes: Campaign and Skirmish.

In campaign mode, we have two options so far: Arleon’s or Rana’s. Nevertheless, the game already indicates that there is an opportunity to download community-created campaigns In this mode, we have access to a kind of tutorial. Not only because of the mechanics and features that the game brings, but also because it is possible to know Reference Conquest songs deeper.

The learning curve in this mode is well-organized, offers exciting challenges, and balances fun well. Another important one here Scenes In which, as the name of the game suggests, are songs of conquests sung by peas in taverns.

Skirmish mode is recommended for those who are accustomed to this type of game, or who just do not like to spend time on lessons. Here the game offers challenges on the map against artificial intelligence or other players.

Songs of Conquest, though with early access, already offers a good range of maps for this mode. However, it still offers the ability to download maps from the community, or even create your own map editor (the same one used by the creators, with strong nostalgic appeal).


One of the most amazing factors that probably makes Songs of Conquest a spiritual sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic III is its graphics. With Ეrt Pixel Art Very detailed, good use of colors and very nice animations, we have a clear definition of a good work of art that has already worked very well.

It is quite a pleasure to study the richly colored maps! Pixels And design From the songs of conquest. And what contributes to this experience is its audio quality.

Songs performed by Bards Scenes Enter a unique personality in the game. Added to this, the game’s epic soundtrack forces us to immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of the Middle Ages, almost as if we were imagining an RPG table.

The songs performed by the peas give the new game a unique personality in the footage by Coffee Stain, published by Lavapotion Studio.


I’m not going to lie at first, as I was no longer accustomed to this type of game, I felt something strange with the mechanics and all the features that Songs of Conquest offers. Different constructions, different weapons, armor and artifacts for a train that does not even take part in battles, a tree of complex skill. Everything seemed rather vague.

But as I said, the campaign mode works as a guide and the learning curve is very generous. Knowing that we do not master all the features, the game offers simpler challenges at the beginning, slowly offers mechanics, but always encourages us to study them better.

All elements of Songs of Conquest are very well thought out. Battles in one Tactical board Provide for epic controversies. Every skill or spell in the army has the potential to make a difference. There are five types of spells and they depend on the magical creature: To order, Chaos, Cancel, Creativity And Arcana. Each type of essence has its own way of collecting during battles.

Tactical board battles give epic exhibitions in conquest songs

It’s awesome how the game introduces so many items in still early access Gameplay. The variety and “link” that all the elements of the game have creates, at least for the game RPGSongs of Conquest Completed.


I understand that evaluating A does not make much sense The game Which is still in early access. But it seems like everything Coffee stain Puts your hand, it ends otherwise it vibrates in our hearts.

Maybe it’s a bit of a Swedish technique that usually does not say the game is over, even though it has all the elements to do so. Or maybe the intention is to deliver the closed concept of the game to the public and assemble the final product with them.

Whatever the strategy behind it, it is essential that Conquest songs Can resonate in many halls.

Concerned with listening to all players and trying to improve to make it a masterpiece, Lavapotion has made several tools available for it. There is a FAQ page on the game website that will answer any of your questions. In addition, there is a page for offers only, where players themselves vote on which of the proposed features they most want to see next. Patches Update.

The community created around the game already makes it more amazing than I imagined.

It is quite true that I encountered some problems in Songs of Conquest. I was a little awkward on the screens Boot Quite time consuming transitions between battles and the map. I went through situations when the game froze, but thanks to the auto-save option, it did not significantly hurt my progress. I too have encountered one or two errors or lack of translation. But wait there!

As a tribute to the RPGs of the 1990s, meet Songs of Conquest.  The game has been available for PC since early May / 2022

Conquest songs Is there another independent foreign game that has a translation into Brazilian Portuguese? Bring the cups!

Aside from the jokes, it’s amazing how rich this game is, which is still in early access. I look forward to your final version. Still, in case you can not enjoy the Songs of Conquest, it is available on all major gaming platforms on PC: Steam, GOG And Epic BRL 57.99 (On Epic it’s really cheap for the following reasons:?).

4.5 / 5.0

Watch the trailer for Songs of Conquest:

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