Review: Signalis is an amazing indie survival horror

There is no doubt that horror games are on the rise with the recent announcement of Resident Evil 4 Remake as well as Silent Hill 2 and new games like Callisto Protocol. Now imagine an indie game that comes from the source of all these games. Well, here’s our review of Signalis, an indie survival horror game that draws on the inspiration behind all those great games and more.

If you like claustrophobic environments, ammo and item management, then check out what we think of Signalis here.

Analysis of Signalis was made possible thanks to code provided by its manufacturing company. The game will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC from October 27 and does not have PT-BR subtitles.

A dystopian future gone wrong

In Signalis, we will be introduced to a world where humanity has managed to colonize the solar system, and to help with the work, we have different types of androids that help us with the hard work of daily life. And don’t think that everything is flowers. Here we have a constant surveillance of this workforce that is oppressed, even with traces of cyberpunk.

And in the middle of this scenario we have Elster, a replicant (that’s what the androids are called) who crashed on an unknown planet and is looking for his missing friend. Now he must investigate a macabre facility that has almost been destroyed by unknown monsters.

A few survivors are either sick or too afraid to help. Elster is now tasked with scouring every inch of this facility to find out what’s going on by analyzing various corporate communications, checking the company’s published advertisements, and of course checking the various records and diaries of people who left certain clues. back.

Here we have something very Resident Evil style, where the tutorial is expanded by reading many documents.

Additionally, I could also see the influence of Silent Hill where the memories are mixed up and the character often “travels between worlds” where both influence each other and question what reality is.

Great atmosphere

And to bring this macabre and tense world to life, here the game presents a simply fabulous environment that looks like a mix of Silent Hill and Dead Space.

On the one hand, we have a very dark scene where its soundtrack can give you chills. Everything feels abandoned with a soundtrack that sounds like it’s cutting something and the instruments always create a tense atmosphere during exploration and a sense of vigilance when facing the enemy.

And in the visual part, the game has a retro feel that ends up being very good. This is where I ended up drawing a lot of inspiration from Dead Space, which was a more futuristic scenario where initially there is an inexplicable and deformed evil. Dark rooms or rooms with dimmed lighting emphasize the atmosphere of tension, as do many environments covered in blood or hiding enemies.

In a way, it’s all deliciously creepy and sure to please fans of the style. And it will delight you even more with its graphics that incorporate 3D pixelated textures. The play of lights, reflections and darkness on this unique track is impressive.

Backtracking and resource management

Now coming to the part of the analysis where I talk about the gameplay, I can say that I saw a lot of similarities in Signalis with the Resident Evil franchise.

Here we have a bound map that expands over time and we have to open doors, avoid enemies and manage resources. Signalis has a classic safe room that has soft music and also has a safe to store your belongings.

Speaking of items, Elster can carry up to 6 items at a time, which makes managing what you can take and leave very important. And just like your inspirations, we don’t have a lot of ammo, so you’ll have to dodge enemies or land a critical hit to take them down quickly and kill them on the spot.

In addition, there is also an old trick to make a safe path, where we will have to burn the bodies of the enemies so that they do not revive.

And of course, I couldn’t help but mention his puzzles. Here we have a lot of puzzles where fans will be very pleased with what they see. We have challenges from the simplest to the most difficult. As you might expect, looking at items, analyzing images, and more will give you valuable tips on how to move forward.

In addition, the game has a radio wave system where many hints and passwords will be presented if you search on the right frequency. I was pleasantly surprised by this part of the puzzle.

And there is more

Aside from what I said, Signalis is still trying to somehow bring more style to its game, one of which is the famous point and click. At many points, the usual gameplay will be replaced by point-and-click fragments, where you will freely explore the environment until you find what you need.

Also, the game brings some FPS moments where it generally deals with Elster’s memory which will affect the story and its evolution. In other words, Signalis combines several mechanics that are already consolidated in the market and gives it its own flavor, it works very well.


While doing this Signalis review, I was very happy with what I found throughout my playthrough. Not only is the game inspired by the biggest names in horror games, but it also manages to capitalize on many of those games’ strengths.

Here we have backtracking, item management, an eerie soundtrack, eerie and well-designed environments, in addition to having a soundtrack that effectively leaves you tense several times.

In other words, we have in Signalis a work of indie survival horror art.

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Visuals, atmosphere and graphics – 10

Gameplay – 9

Fun – 10

Audio and soundtrack – 9.5


piece of art

Signalis is an exceptional indie game that incorporates many influences from horror games and delivers its own style that will appeal to all horror fans.

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