Review: Prodeus is a great indie DOOM

Prodeus is the latest indie game that tries to emulate the shooters of old, but with a more current feel, and in this review you’ll see if it manages to come close to its source of inspiration, the famous DOOM.

If you like gore, hard rock, unbridled action and mystery-driven levels, then check out our Prodeus review here.

This analysis of Prodeus was made possible thanks to the code provided by the distributor. The game is available now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, is available for Game Pass, PC and Nintendo Switch and is subtitled in PT BR.

To end the chaos

I can start and end this analysis by saying that Prodeus equals DOOM. Although I won’t lie, this is going to be the most superficial and brief review here, so I’ll show you all the similarities and differences between the games.

In Prodeus we must face the hordes of Chaos. After strange experiments, a portal was opened and dimensions merged, where demons invaded various human objects. Now it’s up to you to kill all the enemies.

In terms of history, this is what we have. Now you will literally kill every enemy that passes in front of you until you end the chaos. Enemies are very similar to your inspiration. We have slower enemies, projectiles, agile and projectile, kind of rough, burst near you, flying and durable, etc.

Because it’s a familiar pattern, I felt comfortable taking down enemies with my machine gun, shotgun, and even the classic bazooka.

Fast and familiar game

And as for the weapon, now I will talk about its gameplay. As expected, he is very fast and his enemies come from all possible places. In this style of play, whether you keep moving or not is the difference between winning and losing.

To progress through the game, you will use your weapons, which are somewhat limited but have variations. That is, we have 5 main weapons, each of which has three types. I will give an example of a basic pistol, its first variation is two pistols in machine gun mode and the third variation is a gatling gun.

Not only that, but by switching between the fire and aim button, the weapon can gain a second function, such as a shotgun, which when aimed you load a shot to fire a shot that is almost always fatal to enemies.

The variety of weapons and their modifications is exceptional, but nothing more. It might just be my bad habit with DOOM, but every time I started running and shooting at enemies, I felt the urge to run into them to finish off with a little health or a death sentence. Also, the game doesn’t have any type of grenades or anything like that.

It’s not a problem, but not having at least a basic hit to take out a nearby enemy is a missed opportunity. And just to clarify, the game has a punch, but it works as if it were a gun, where I have to switch from a gun to a fist. This is unfortunately far from functional.

Finally, some levels have items you can interact with, such as exploding barrels or traps. These moments are amazing, which you always want to find interactive.

Research and evolution

In addition to the “shoot, hit and bomb” feel found in Produce, it also brings the classic exploration factor. There are mandatory explorations like getting a key of a specific color to open a door, as there are many secrets.

Generally, these secrets will lead you to weapons, restore health, armor, or most importantly, in-game money. A series of gold blocks will be scattered across the stages, which are the game’s money.

After a lot of searching and finding enough, it will be possible to purchase a new weapon. Additionally, there is a special item that you can level up if you collect enough. This will unlock upgrades such as the double jump or dash, increasing your abilities in battle.

These hidden scenarios combined with the ability to evolve add to the replay factor in Prodews, and I found myself returning to levels many times that made me want to find new weapons and more money.

And apart from this repetitive factor, the game has several stages where there are challenges for the player. Here you will test your skill, aim and speed, always looking for the shortest time and the biggest treasure.

A flawless technical piece

Another important point I have to make in this review is that Prodeus has fantastic visuals and soundtrack.

As for the visuals, the game brings a retro air to this world, which has an aesthetic more focused on large factories that end up interfering with destruction scenarios and this world of chaos. It’s all very well done and what surprised me was the amount of detail in the levels.

Get ready for exaggerated explosions full of pixels, bloody environments after killing enemies and also admire the beautiful lighting that the game brings between the darkness, the colors of the lights and the reflections in the metal structures, as well as the spread of blood. throughout the level.

And the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic and off the charts. With that hard rock feel as seen in DOOM, we have a special soundtrack composed by Andrew Hulschult, the same composer of games like Dusk, Quake Champions and Doom Eternal. Yes, we have the same composer who worked on Doom Eternal’s The Ancient Gods expansion.

Overall this technical combination is fabulous and will appeal to all fans of this style of play. My only minor criticism is that the game adapts to the action on screen and changes the music. There are times when we have tense music in the background and when the action starts another song comes on top. However, this does not always work out well.

Or there are moments when the music enters a group of several enemies and it’s strange that the change is so brief. It just lacked a better sound mixing decision.


At the end of this review, I can safely say that Prodeus hits the nail on the head with everything it tries. The game is definitely an indie DOOM, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the only thing that makes the game difficult is that it will be compared to one of the best shooters on the market.

Here we have a fast-paced game, beautiful in its own style, with a fabulous and visceral soundtrack from beginning to end. We have questing, weapon variations, hidden secrets and more. There are a few small missed opportunities, but they don’t take away from the game’s brilliance.

And of course, it’s worth noting that the game has a multiplayer mode where you can test your skill and also has a level editor where you can play levels created by the community. You can also create a level and share it with everyone.

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Visuals, atmosphere and graphics – 10

Gameplay – 9

Fun – 10

Audio and soundtrack – 9.5


piece of art

Here we have a fast-paced game, beautiful in its own style, with a fabulous and visceral soundtrack from beginning to end. We have questing, weapon variations, hidden secrets and more. There are a few small missed opportunities, but they don’t take away from the game’s brilliance.

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