Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – The Ultimate Version of Web Head

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Whenever Marvel’s Spider-Man Announced for the PlayStation 4, I decided it was time to buy the next generation console MarvelEver since my first Xbox I fell in love with Microsoft video games.

But Sony soon brought one of the most beloved characters not just from comics, but from all of pop culture, into its range of exclusives, and I had to revisit. a neighbor’s friend.

Ironically, priorities have piled up and I haven’t been able to play a Spider-Man title on PS4. Now the game is also available Pracha I was finally able to control Peter Parker through the streets and skyscrapers of New York.

Data sheet

Developer: Imsoniak games

distributor: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: Microsoft Windows

launch: August 12, 2022

genre: action

translated Portuguese: Yes

Mode: one player

A hero of New York

Although the title was not played at the time of its release, it was impossible to ignore all the news and buzz surrounding it. Marvel’s Spider-Man.

But the gaming experience is a completely different experience. From the beginning, the player has the feeling of revisiting an old acquaintance.

The combat mechanics are fluid and intuitive, and because of that Peter Parker Since we are already a consolidated hero, we don’t have to learn how to move and use their power with the hero.

On the contrary.

The game manages to introduce you to the skills Spiderman At the beginning of the game and after, there are innovations due to the improvement of the story and costumes.


Obviously, you should already have all the plot details and storylines of Marvel’s Spider-Man worked out. There is not much to add here.

The remaster didn’t change any of the narrative elements and didn’t even improve the animations during the dialogues, which seemed a bit off in the Portuguese dub, but nothing that detracts from the gameplay.

Probably bignews“There is a change the hero’s face. The change that was made Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales And which is repeated in the PC version.

Since this was my first encounter with Peter Parker, I wasn’t affected by the changes, but maybe you were still hoping to see the old face again…which you won’t.


We used computer a to evaluate game performance Eighth generation i7, 32 GB RAM and RTX 2060.

Obviously, the hardware is not the most current, but surprisingly, the game performed at a very high level, with all the features at their maximum, including the very magnificent ray tracingAlways above 60fps.

Shows how well Marvel’s Spider-Man is optimized for PC.

The only detail I felt was minor flashing In the reflection of water on the asphalt sometimes and more slowly in the first load.

Other than that, the gameplay was just as – if not more fluid than its PlayStation 5 version.

Photo mode is another highlight.

Now, some changes, such as the costume used, can be made directly during the image capture, which speeds up the work of those who like to make their own backgrounds within the game.


by chance Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered Updates the title for new generations, bringing the ultimate look of Peter Parker to the game and allowing more players to have access to one of the most fun and exciting games ever created.

If you’re thinking about updating your library, Marvel’s Spider-Man should definitely be on your priority list. And if you, like me, haven’t touched the game yet, now is the time to get yourself into Spider-Man and get excited for the next installment in the saga. Therefore, the game takes LH Note 9!

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